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The Australian Taliban

The caricature Evangelicals are often painted as is an American Taliban, that Christians want to implement their own form of Sharia law. But the more you itemize the policies of Christians and Islamists, the fewer similarities the results actually have. The Islamist and the theonomist don’t even agree on traditional marriage. In contrast, a Christian culture is what built the United States, thus enshrining a Constitution meant to protect individual rights from government. America is also built on the heritage of the British Empire and its wrestle with the Protestant Reformation. But America is hardly the only nation with British heritage. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all share this cultural ancestry which ultimately resulted in self-governance. However, all but the United States have completely pursued secularism.

Earlier this week, I wrote at length about how the Taliban’s worldview meant that they were willing to die for their cause, but the secularist fears death and therefore will not fight. Thus, at a worldview level, the Afghan army stood no chance. However, in pursuing secularism, the other nations found their new religion. The UK has erected the NHS an idol to worship, protect, and sacrifice to and for. The others have turned completely to the Branch Covidian cult. Thus, all four nations have joined the ranks of the most totalitarian nations on the planet. At least women in Afghanistan can currently leave their homes, and that country is at war. Whereas the others have manufactured a crisis where otherwise none would occur. Unchecked emergency power begets the government creating emergencies for power.

Those in opposition to lockdowns are hopelessly in the minority, and they are constantly berated by the Aussie media as though they were getting talking points from Gestapo. There are certain points of no return in politics and whatever that point was in Australia, it was crossed a long time ago. Now they are slaves to their new religion, and must give up their freedom, take the jab, and wear a mask in perpetuity in order to be saved.

In America, we wrestle with going back to the rule of the Branch Covidians, though they control the federal government. But in Australia, long gone are the days of Crocodile Dundee. And when you reflect on the worst villains in fiction, the worst female villain is Nurse Ratched. The busybodied petty tyrant looking out for the good of those under her care made for one of the cruelest villains on print and in film. Public health officials see themselves as Dr. Leonard McCoy on the USS Enterprise, but they are actually Nurse Ratched in the nuthouse that in the demise of western civilization.

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  1. Ray, I really like what you do. You are a blessing. But I think having an editor would make your articles even better. They will catch typos and other small mistakes that ll of us writers make. Also, your comments bar is jack dup. I can’t read what I’m writing.

    1. If there is an editor who can work around my schedule, that would be awesome. I’ll see what I can do with the comment section. For now I’m trying to guard against spam.

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