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Most Popular Evangelical Dark Web video restored after winning copyright claim

At the beginning of August, Evangelical Dark Web explained that we were in a copyright dispute over our video exposing Steven Furtick‘s modalist teachings. Modalism is an anti-trinitarian heresy dating back to antiquity that teaches that God changes forms, ie Jesus becomes the Holy Spirit. Christianity teaches that God The Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are coeternal and coequal personalities of God. They are each fully God.

The video was claimed by a Google owned company named AdRev. This company utilizes YouTube’s copyright algorithm to make copyright claims on behalf of clients such as record labels. Elevation Church filed a copyright claim against Collin Miller’s channel for their popular video critical of Steven Furtick. This claim did not involve AdRev, not that is necessarily has to. They are also a notorious copyright troll, which essentially makes them professional thieves.

It is plausible that Elevation Church, a church interested in producing original worship music would hire a company to protect their IP. It is also plausible that AdRev filed a fraudulent copyright claim against Evangelical Dark Web. In either case, Evangelical Dark Web prevailed against the effort to censor it’s most viewed video of all time, which sits at 22K views.

This adds to the perfect record of disputing fraudulent copyright claims. The prior one was regarding the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. 

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