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Rick Warren calls faithful pastors selfish

In the previous article on Rick Warren’s interview with Barna Research Group, a woke industry leader in church data. That video/article covered how Rick Warren was celebrating his woke struggle sessions following the death of George Floyd, while willfully abandoning his church and duties as a pastor.

In this continuation, Rick Warren attacks pastors who faithfully kept their church open during lockdowns, and in some cases in defiance of the state. Rick Warren begins this segment by claiming that the church was not targeted by lockdowns because everybody was. He further claims that the officials at the CDC, Debbie Burks and Robert Redfield are good Christians. Basically his argument is that because the government violated everyone’s right’s, it was not an anti-Christian move. But wicked rulers knew exactly what they were doing when the asked pastors to close down their churches. And most pastors did not understand the times they were living in. Rick Warren continues the naivete that the government was at any point acting in the interest of public health.

But Rick Warren does not stop there, he goes on to say that staying open would have been selfish. He adds to the law of God by attributing manslaughter by passing on an airborne disease which is not a standard found in Scripture. It’s not a sin to pass COVID onto someone. You can’t control a virus, who it infects, or the severity in which it infects others. You aren’t God, which is what governments have been trying to play this entire pandemic. However, it’ is a sin to abandon your duties as a pastor.

Rick Warren is in complete support of lockdowns and then boast about how because lockdowns created financial instability, his church was able to operate as the largest food bank in the area. So instead of standing up for people’s right to earn a living for themselves, Rick Warren supported that which made these people need food for him to publicly provide in the first place. He accuses pastors of feeding their egos by holding indoor worship gatherings, but his boasting in this interview is far more telling.

This is like creating a problem for you to solve so you can be a hero. Rick Warren goes on at length about how he believes that people are most receptive in times of crisis. Whether or not this is true, the takeaway is that his mentality about evangelism is entirely a pressure sales mentality or a negotiation in which one side lacks bargaining power.

This smugness is exactly why Rick Warren supported wicked lockdowns, and according to him has thrived under these conditions.

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  1. Well we know what type of pastors will be supporting this new world order. Just look at Australia. If you’re full of the spirit yet can’t see what’s coming?

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