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Evangelical Dark Web founder welcomes newborn

Quite a few of the regular readers of the Evangelical Dark Web were aware that I, the founder, was expecting a child to be born over the course of a rough pregnancy that included prolonged never-ending sickness and kidney stones.

On Wednesday, September 1st, 2021, my second daughter, Annika was born. She is healthy. My wife is happy for pregnancy to finally be over, and seems to be recovering well. After spending two nights in a hospital, it’s good to finally be home and we look forward to introducing, my youngest daughter, Nadia to Annika in due time. Thank you all for your prayer.

Becoming a father for the first time is not an experience that can be replicated. Becoming a father the second time was a completely joyful occasion that words can hardly describe. Having an experience of what pooping out a baby looks like and entails, the birth of my second child was one that I could fully enjoy and appreciate. My wife was a champion popping the baby out!

Another interesting coincidence is that she was born on the day that the Texas heartbeat bill became law uninterrupted by courts. And while I have articles to write on that, understandably such a life event grinds the writing around here to a halt.

But, as I get back up to speed on events missed in the niche world of Evangelicalism, I get to enjoy time off from work to enjoy this moment.


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