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Tim Keller

Tim Keller’s celebration of Greg Epstein’s paganism

It’s been a few centuries since Harvard Divinity School went apostate, so earlier in the week when it announced that an atheist humanist would be head of the chaplains. Greg Epstein is a bit of a TV personality, which is probably the only reason this story gained so much traction in the first place, as pagans are going to pagan. He was an “expert” on Married At First Sight among other television appearances. This probably also explains why he and Tim Keller have a working relationship.

On August 31st, Tim Keller congratulated Greg Epstein’s promotion.

There is a Christian way to wish pagans well. Obviously we do not wish tragedy befall their families. There’s no reason not to celebrate a pagan’s childbirth, athletic achievement, or other major milestone events. However, it is a different issue when the object of celebration is career advancement into a pagan enterprise not for the purpose of sabotage or reform.

Perhaps this is an abuse of “rejoice with those who rejoice.” But in no way is a pagan advancing paganism something worthy of celebration. Just as Ed Litton becoming president of the Southern Baptist Convention was an evil occasion to celebrate, Tim Keller engages in calling evil good.

Instances like this are more revealing than we often think. When people celebrate such overt wickedness, out of the mouth the heart speaks.

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  1. This comment by Keller is one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen recently from a major Christian thinker or theologian. It’s clearly celebrating paganism as you mention. We need to hold fast to the word.

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