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Why Christian Taliban is a powerless insult

At the moment, the word Nazi is out of style in favor of comparing Christians to the Taliban following both their successful blitzkrieg reconquest of Afghanistan and the enactment of a heartbeat personhood bill into law in Texas. While 

The Taliban were a worthy adversary

Islam and Christendom have been at odds for several centuries on a military and geopolitical level. For most of that history, Christendom forestalled the spread of Islam in Europe while Islam dominated the Asian continent. To the Taliban, the War in Afghanistan was nothing new. It was just a continuation of a millennia long jihad. The West failed to recognize this and lost because of it. George W. Bush was never one to recognize Islam for what it is and always has been.

Moreover, when a side wins a war, using them pejoratively doesn’t work. People (over) use Nazi as an insult, but this doesn’t come with the undermining fact that the Nazi’s won. They lost making the insult sting. We don’t call democrats Viet Cong, in part because South Vietnam fell. Because the American military could not defeat people we call goathumpers, calling Evangelicals the Taliban should instantly remind people who won.

The Taliban had moral justification for their actions and tactics

From a purely Islamic worldview, the Taliban was just acting according to the teachings of Islam that people like them have been doing all over the world for several centuries.

But from an absolute perspective, they were a nation being invaded by the United States. So they fought back in self-defense to retake their country. I don’t know how you could make a Biblical case against that, unless you wanted to go Romans 13 Bro. But in all seriousness, you can’t topple a regime and force people to serve a paper government.

The Taliban bided their time and built back better and then slaughtered their enemies upon retaking Afghanistan.

The Similarities Are few and far between

Ultimately, the context for this is Texas successfully enacting a heartbeat bill. Roe v Wade is not a thing in Texas anymore. And so the feminist cry out comparing us to the Taliban because they are butthurt. But the similarities between American Evangelicals and the Taliban are few and far between.

For starters, neither one wants women to dress like whores. But the ways in which they go about this outcome are different. Neither one want abortion in society. Neither one want homosexuality and transgenderism in society. They got us there. And the Taliban is pro gun for themselves while American Evangelicals are pro gun for everyone.

But otherwise we believe in a self-governing system. We believe in free speech. We don’t discount modern amenities. The comparisons are as shallow as when the left calls us Nazi’s because people on the right support nationalism as opposed to globalism. Of course, anyone knowledgeful on history knows that the Nazis were left wing, and still are, especially how it relates to American politics.


Ignorance abounds. But that is no reason to take offense when someone calls you a Christian Taliban. The Taliban achieved their objective by outlasting and draining their enemies. There is something to emulate there, just as the Allies learned from Nazi tactics like using paratroopers.

Furthermore, the left lost in Texas, and now a real pro-life bill goes into law. They are butthurt. And it’s great to hear them cry louder than newborns.

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  1. The taliban did build back better, as they’re in better shape than when we came in ’01. And as a side note, there was a high school band in Boulder called the taliband. Always got a kick out of that…

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