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Why The Moral Majority Was A Success

Too often conservatives are criticized for focusing too much on the next election as opposed to the next generation. This has certainly proven to be the case to where our culture is so entrenched in government, we believe that we need all these taxes and entitlement spending. Meanwhile the country has drifted to the left on almost every major issue with some important exceptions. While the conservative base of the American population has recovered from the George W Bush experiment of left of center Republican presidents, those eight years of Bush did nothing to inspire the next generation of conservatives like Ronald Reagan did. In fact, the Bush years were a detriment.

But Ronald Reagan is long dead. Those who knew not Reagan are not as inspired by him as the generations that grew up under and voted for Reagan. But since Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party has been an ineffective political apparatus with sparing exceptions. But those exceptions are not because of a single political figure, they are however to be credited with a larger political movement that inspired a generation who would later take the very action that the previous generations were too cowardly or too liberal to take.

In American history, no generation was more leftist than the boomers. The Frankfurt School was game planning how to turn America into their dystopian state, via Cultural Marxism. If we look at who is in control over all the institutions, it is clear that the long march through the institutions was executed by the boomer generation. However, the rise of Ronald Reagan inspired Gen X, the generation after boomers to be more conservative than their parents.

But the major political movement that allowed Reagan to succeed is also the same political movement that is now sowing pro-life legislation in an effort to end abortion. The old guard of establishment Republicans is generationally giving way to a younger more conservative generation. (I would also argue that conservative millennials are in some ways, not all, more conservative than boomers.) And the younger generation is more interested in ending abortion.

But this is not a discount of the past. The moral majority built a coalition, a voting block that became firmly entrenched in conservative politics. Evangelicals were swayed by Jimmy Carter because he was a liberal Baptist in 1976. The consolidation of the Evangelical voting block was ultimately instrumental in the cultural formation of the latter generations of abolition Christians who want to end abortion in the United States.

In truth, previous generations never took the issue of abortion as seriously. Read the opinion of Roe v Wade. Abortion was never really criminalized in US history, according to the Supreme Court. This failure to act led to the greatest stain on our nation. In the Bible, the worst kings in the Old Testament passed their children in the fire of Molech. This they had in common. Baby murder is nothing new in human history, and it is a sign of societal decadence.

The moral majority was a successful instance of terraforming a generation to be more conservative on a single issue. This is a movement to build upon, not reject. This is something to learn from, not forget. There is a reason why the fall of the Southern Baptist Convention was largely orchestrated through the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the long march through the institutions seeking to sabotage the abortion abolition movement.

Now, for the first time, Texas law recognizes that an unborn baby with a heartbeat is a human being. Ending the scourge of abortion will terraform our nation on more issues than just abortion. Now is not the time to be ashamed of the moral majority as many woke Evangelicals would have do, for nefarious reasons. Now is the time to double down on this movement and win the next generation.

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