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Introducing the Evangelical Dark Web Hub

In the beginning of the year, it became apparent that Christians need to build their own infrastructure, and not be dependent on Big Tech as much as possible. The Evangelical Dark Web, last month, launched the new site away from the WordPress Dot Com platform in an effort to advance this purpose and ministry. Though on the internet is is near impossible to be effective without tapping into enemy resources whether they be social media or payment processors.

However, there are far more pressing needs than for you or me to share hot takes on social media without censorship. As Christians, we should be seeking to glorify God in all areas of our lives. As Christians we face certain challenges because the world hates Christ.

So the Evangelical Dark Web created the Hub page as a resource center for Christians. The first thing we want to help is Christians to find faithful churches. As the local church is vital to the Great Commission, we need to be apart of a local church. And frankly, it’s a rough environment out their for finding churches. So the Hub page links to a resource to help find that. It also helps with church staffing as well.

We provide resources for other needs, like dating and legal help (especially as it relates to religious exemptions for vaccine mandates). There are other spokes that are under construction like politics, entertainment, and self-defense (which will be for subscribers only). The former two are two needs that the Evangelical Dark Web is looking to create a solution for. More on that will come. But Evangelical Dark Web is not the go two source for all fields of Christian activism. For instance we teach the Biblical position on abortion unapologetically, but otherwise this ministry is not specialized for abolishing abortion.

There are more resources to come as there are more needs to meet within the church. But Evangelical Dark Web does not operate out of hate for the church but love for the church which is why we wanted to create a hub of Christian resources to meet Christian needs for those with discernment to utilize.

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