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Dr. Bobby Lopez on sex abuse in the church and building Christian institutions

I’ve long considered Bobby Lopez a challenging voice in Evangelicalism, a man wanting to solve issues and advance the gospel. On Thursday night, Bobby came on the Evangelical Dark Web to discuss a variety of topics including building Christian institution, a goal of the Evangelical Dark Web.

In 2019, he was fired from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for writing and article about homosexual sex abuse. So naturally, hearing him retell this story was the start of the serious conversation. He explained the ERLC involvement and other SBC corruption involved with his firing.

From there, the conversation ventured into sex abuse, a hot topic in Southern Baptist Convention politics. Rachael Denhollander is described as a sex abuse victim trying to make a hustle on the issue to the detriment of other sex abuse victims. Bobby Lopez explains that among survivors, you are not supposed to discount other survivors’ stories based on who they were abused by. In other words, these people are creating an intersectionality totem pole of sex abuse based on the perpetrator and the victim. This is wrong.

The Bible and education has been a major theme for Bobby Lopez recently. I asked about the streams he was doing going through the Bible examining what Christian educators can learn from it. A key finding is that when those who master disciplines neglect the Lord, they create evil things. This example came from Exodus where the craftsman who created the Arc and other artifacts would also erect idols.

Bobby Lopez wants to help Christians build institutions, in what he considers his most important ministry yet, a goal we also support. He putting together the Cancel-Proof Christianity Conference, which can be attended online, which showcases Christians across various disciplines like educations, film, mathematics, and history telling others why these skills are important to the church. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, click here.

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