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Why James Lindsay is not influencing the church

When it comes to voices within the church fighting Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism, it’s hard to be worse than Neil Shenvi. Yet this has led to the rise of James Lindsay, a pro-abortion atheist to be one of the leading voices against CRT.

Yet, Jon Harris is a much stronger voice against CRT but is too threatening for Big Eva types who are sympathetic to our cause to platform. James Lindsay has zero influence on the work that I do at Evangelical Dark Web. We don’t need him to explain to the church why Critical Race Theory is stupid.

Yet because many Christians are fond of Lindsay, it becomes a target of attack that Christians are siding with an atheist over their (woke) “brothers.” Obviously, we should not adjust our tactics to how the enemies within the church will respond. In many cases this is like Evangelicals being criticized for voting for Trump. Christians have a clearer conscience voting for Trump than a liberal Baptist like Jimmy Carter, yet because Trump is an outsider, this was used as a means to attack us.

James Lindsay would take to twitter to rant against pro-life conservatives after Biden’s vaccine mandate announcement.

This is an obvious false dichotomy that asserts that we can’t focus on multiple issues at once. It’s also asinine to suggest that emphasizing the issue of abortion is a losing strategy when abortion is the largest single issue voting block in our favor. James Lindsay is obviously frustrate with his audience and tent.

James Lindsay also wants to be a leader for a cause he bandwagoned. In March of 2020, James Lindsay was in favor of tyranny.


Those who were pro-lockdowns in 2020 should take a back seat in the cause of fighting tyranny. They’ve done enough damage. Leave it to those who had the courage to speak out when it was unpopular lead the charge against vaccine mandates.

But ultimately, this denotes, James Lindsay’s lack of influence in the church. The church can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can vote for Trump and not succumb to his moral failings. We can platform an atheist and drive him nuts with are steadfast insistence on abortion abolition policies. James Lindsay’s bandwagoning against tyranny now leaves one to wonder whether he also hopped on the bandwagon against wokeness or whether his worldview recognizes that a White male has no vested interest promoting an ideology that hates him.

In either case, the detractors of James Lindsay’s Christian audience are proven wrong.

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