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Finding a job with Biden’s vaccine mandate

Joe Biden’s push to use OSHA to enforce a vaccine mandate has threatened a lot of people’s livelihoods. Now the move is unconstitutional, unenforceable on a massive scale, already receiving pushback from several governors, and not yet in effect. But that does not matter as much as you’d think it would. This announcement has given several company’s the inspiration to pursue their Branch Covidian desires.

And because of this inspiration, OSHA may not need to impose this mandate on you if your company is willing to itself. In response to this is many have set force the company to fire you and then sue. I do not begrudge this strategy, but I am here to provide a resource for you to hold on to as a contingency plan.

Andrew Torba of Gab announced last week the creation of the No Vax Mandate Job Board, a job board with exclusively career options that do not require the vaccine. Most of the jobs are listed on sites that are specializing in this demand.

God will take care of His people. This sometimes means through you acting and creating a contingency plan when standing up for yourself and others has a cost. 

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