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Ed Litton

Ed Litton Defends Liberal Resurgence of SBC

The president of the Southern Baptist Convention went to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to have a public conversation with its president, Adam Greenway. Through the technical difficulties they managed to address salient topics such as Ed Litton’s sermongate scandal, Litton’s breakdown of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021, and Ed Litton’s thoughts on racial reconciliation.

Ed Litton’s posture on sermongate continued relaxing a previously defensive attitude. Ed Litton says that he sinned and repented. He blames his elephant-like memory for the scandal. He continues to praise JD Greear’s unbiblical sermon series on Romans.

The most meaty section of came when Ed Litton answers the question as to why be a Southern Baptist. He states that their is a distrust of institutions blaming social media for highlighting certain failings. He later states that fundamentalists are anti-institution and conspiratorial, to connect some dots.

After downplaying significant charges of corruption of NAMB and SBC seminaries, Ed Litton describes the Conservative Resurgence, celebrating it as the only denomination to turn back from liberalism. He then states that in 2021, the Southern Baptist Convention turned back from fundamentalism.

The mainstream media reported it as a thwarted attempted of conservatives to take back the convention. Ed Litton signifies a movement in the opposite direction, likening it to the Conservative Resurgence. While the Conservative Resurgence 2.0 died, Ed Litton, perhaps saying the quiet part out loud, champions the new liberal drift of the convention.

This leads right into the conversation about “racial reconciliation” which is premised falsely upon an eschatological passage in Revelation. It’s worth noting that Jesus accomplished the reconciliation, and that we are not called to reconcile pagans to pagans, rather we are called to preach the gospel to pagans. Ed Litton stops short or does not use language as strong to suggest that both reconciling God to man and “others to others” is the gospel. But he certainly leaves the question open as to whether their is a different gospel than the one we know and understand.

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