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Grant Hartley

Grant Hartley’s Revoice Meme: Can we get a better class of heretic?

The Early Church Fathers had to formulate a coherent doctrine of the Holy Trinity and a coherent Christology in response to the false teachings of their day. In today’s time websites like Evangelical Dark Web have to contend for the faith against the effeminate pronouns in bio soy boys, like Grant Hartley. He tweeted this cringe meme to a supportive following.

Grant Hartley is one of the more openly pro-homosexuality speakers to have been at the Revoice Conference. And he’s going back next month, setting the tone with this post.

Grant Hartley and Revoice in general promote “side b” Christianity which states that it believes the Christian sexual ethic but provides an alternative approach than the standard repentance Christians traditionally taught.

In this post we do not see a mortification of sin we see a celebration of degeneracy. We see a celebration of sinful desires.

And to think, we could lose many to this movement. The founders of Revoice have Southern Baptist backgrounds and are well connected as we saw with Bekah Mason. The Revoice Movement is not a one-off or isolated strain. It’s “side b” approach is already spreading like wildfire, with Ed Litton and JD Greear touting their teaching.

It’s not going away, and it would be a great disgrace and judgement if we lose to these people.

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  1. And throwing in celibate gives it the nice perverted homosexual undertones. Now imagine a priest posting that?

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