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Ed Stetzer

Big Eva’s Ed Stetzer promotes Branch Covidianism in Francis Collins interview

Ed Stetzer has pilfered the church as a supposed church growth expert, but is ultimately a theological liberal, a wolf in wolf’s clothing. However, his supposed expertise allows him to maintain an influence over the church via prominent faith-based article aggregating sites like church leaders (which totally embraces the Revoice Movement by the way.) On September 15th, Ed Stetzer had Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, on his podcast to promote Branch Covidianism in the church.

Francis Collins of the NIH claims to be a Christian, and wolves have used his profession of faith to bludgeon faithful Christians who don’t want to take the COVID vaccine. The first half of the interview, the half of focus in the Evangelical Dark Web video, focuses on churches worshipping in person. Evangelical Dark Web maintains the position that closing down church during lockdowns was sinful, and calls pastors and churches to repent of this folly and take a bold stand against this emerging false religion.

Despite claiming to be a Christian and care about church, Francis Collins has not gone to church in 18 months. His church located around Chevy Chase, Maryland has not resumed in-person worship. So in reality, he does not have a church at all.

Yet despite the fact that he is in favor of violating Hebrews 10:24-25, he still concedes that churches can meet in person if they follow his guidelines. He urges pastors to mandate masking, social distancing, and pressure their congregants into vaccinating. All of these are unbiblical. The church does not have the authority to mandate mask usage. Social distancing undermines the fellowship and assembly of the saints. And vaccines are an issue to be decided by the family and self spheres of authority. Francis Collins tries to lecture about the need to take these measures and follow CDC guidelines.

It’s worth noting that we don’t follow CDC guidelines on subjects like cookie dough, cooking meat, or guns, and all the sudden we are supposed to obey this uncredible government agency. Collins lies in the interview when he states that the unvaccinated are harboring the mutations, ignoring the phenomenon of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) we are seeing in real time. He tries to spin Israel’s vaccine failure as a success, hoping that boosters would be approved here in the US as well.

Francis Collins is ultimately a con man. He dangles a carrot over the viewers head, and tells them if they obey, this will all be over soon. But the only way out is mass noncompliance. This man claims Christ but his fruit is beyond rotten.

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  1. If it weren’t for these people not taking antibiotics, we wouldn’t have antibiotic resistant bacteria!!

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