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Francis Collins dead wrong on religious exemptions, promotes transgenderism

In continuing our coverage of NIH director, Francis Collins doing a podcast interview with Big Eva’s Ed Stetzer, the second half largely focuses on vaccine exemptions. The first half exposes Francis Collins to be a Christian in name only who joyfully neglect to go to church for over 18 months. He further tries to scam people into thinking if they would only listen to him, the pandemic would go away.

The conversation picks up quickly in the latter half to where Francis Collins explains that Christians do not have a legitimate religious exemption from taking the coronavirus vaccine. He explains the connection between fetal cell tissues and the current vaccines and appeals to the Vatican to convince an Evangelical audience.

I point out that the fetal cell connection to the vaccines is not the strongest case for a religious exemption, nor is it the path that the Evangelical Dark Web recommends taking.

Towards the end the Ed Stetzer asks about the CDC’s promotion of trangenderism in its language. Francis Collins says that not all institutions are perfect but that shouldn’t undermine their credibility. This fails to realize how connected the two issues are. If you are willing to redefine man and woman, you are willing to redefine virology to fit your agenda. This is a worldview issue, and the government is not operating with a Christian worldview, in part because Francis Collins is a pagan.

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