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William Lane Craig

Is William Lane Craig a false teacher?

Category 5

Verdict: William Lane Craig is a theological liberal with no foundation to believe basic Christian orthodoxy



Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. This verdict on William Lane Craig is part reader request and part tip to cover a recent interview he gave. For the sake of the article’s longevity, this will do both as the recent interview answers the question as to whether William Lane Craig is a false teacher or not. You can make a request here and see our answered verdicts here.


William Lane Craig is a renown apologist who has gone on several atheist versus theist debates and made the rounds writing books and doing speaking engagements about the evidence of the existence of God.

Historical Adam

This is the primary lynchpin in which William Lane Craig exposes himself. In the below video, Evangelical Dark Web covers a book interview he does with Sean McDowell on his quest for the historical Adam. This video will be the basis for the below red flags in this verdict.

Denial of Original Sin

William Lane Craig makes it very clear he does not believe in Original Sin. In fact he goes on to say that he does not know what the first sin of mankind was, despite Genesis 3 being rather explicit. Original Sin is foundational to the Christian understanding of the gospel. If Adam’s sin is not imputed into mankind, then theoretically mankind may not need a savior after all. William Lane Craig posits that we sin not because of human nature but human upbringing and environment. Under this understanding it is conceivable for mankind to achieve a sinless utopia. This is antithetical to the gospel and the Christian view of sin.

The Bible is myth

William Lane Craig believes that Genesis 1-11 is a completely different genre than the rest of Genesis. This of course fails to recognize that the indexing of the Bible happened well after the establishment of the New Testament church. A simple reading of Genesis 11:10-32 shows that there is no separation split in the genre of Genesis. William Lane Craig does not believe that the Bible is true, although he believes in the Resurrection for some reason, yet he refuses to believe that this would then make God a liar because he “respects genres.”

Heretical Anthropology

William Lane Craig attempts to reconcile the views that all of mankind is descended from Adam and Eve with his belief in Darwinian evolution, a term he seemingly distances himself from. William Lane Craig admits that he does not want the Young Earth creationist account to be true, and insists that one can hold to Darwinian Evolution and maintain his preferred commitments to orthodoxy. But William Lane Craig is not an Old Earth Creationist, as his views are outside of their beliefs.

To summarize, William Lane Craig tries to split the baby between a belief in Adam and Eve and his belief in Darwinian Evolution by positing that it is plausible that Adam and Eve were an evolved race of proto-humans that had developed a soul and rationality and all mankind is descended from these two individuals. This theory does not explain what happened to the other proto-humans that were contemporaries of the image baring proto-humans, but suggests that they were wiped out. This of course does not line up with any reading of Genesis.

On top of positing a middle ground theory that placates his own sensibilities but has no broad appeal, William Lane Craig has a mocking tone towards those who hold a traditional Christian belief on Adam.


William Lane Craig is perhaps the next figure in a line of Christian apologists who were not actual believers. The death of Ravi Zacharias showed that one could do great works in this field and still not repent of his actual sins. In this case, William Lane Craig bills himself as a philosopher yet his entire arguments on creation hold no water because they are meant to placate his own feelings and doubts, as they are not grounded in faith in a sovereign and omnipotent God. William Lane Craig does not believe that Scripture has to be accurate in order for God to be good, true, and loving. His attempt to pursue a historical Adam are much like the quests for the historical Jesus from heretics generations ago. This story doesn’t end well and in the meantime, William Lane Craig has denied fundamental doctrines of Christianity and has no understanding of the gospel. Therefore we must conclude that William Lane Craig is a Category 5 false teacher.

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One Response

  1. Yes absolutely — Dr. Craig seems to be open to faith in Christ but his mind has been corrupted by the false teaching of this age regarding evolution and history. Being open to faith and actually having faith are two very different things. The “genre” argument is so lame and easy to disprove — the fact that somebody as well educated as Dr. Craig is using it shows how willful his unbelief is, and excludes any possibility of pleading ignorance at judgement.

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