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Rachel Gilson

Debunking Rachel Gilson on transgender pronouns

Rachel Gilson was one of the corrupting influencers of Cru, years ago but has since graduated to making a career in Big Eva with The Gospel Coalition. Her influence on the downfall of Cru is evidence that she is a wolf. In a notorious viral TGC Q&A, Rachel Gilson spends ample time deliberating the merits of “pronoun hospitality.” But how nuanced is this issue?

Rachel Gilson states that some Christians feel like using preferred pronouns is a 9th Commandment violation. But she never determines whether it is or not. Instead she skips to the Christian Liberty passage of Romans 14. It was clear in the context of Romans 14, that the meat was otherwise good meat and that the person was not partaking in the sacrifice, just eating the meat afterwards. With transgenderism, we have an anti-God ideology fueled by narcissism. Using preferred pronouns is at a minimum enabling and generally understood to be an endorsement of transgenderism. That’s why it was necessary to point out the Conservative news outlets that practiced transgenderism.

There is an order of operations in how to categorize issues. If it’s not a gospel issue we ask whether it’s a sin issue. In this case it’s difficult to make the argument that using preferred pronouns is not affirming someone’s false witness and the ideology of transgenderism as a whole.

Big Eva types pretend as though this is a difficult and nuanced issue when in reality is is an extremely easy answer.

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