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Why we should protest outside of government officials’ homes

A viral protest in Florida occured outside the home of a school board official. This comes during a time when the department of Justice wants to crack down on conservatives attending school board meetings citing “threats” and “terrorism.”

See, a lot of people are perturbed by this protest. Yet this is exactly what we need to be doing more of. Going to school board meetings isn’t working. The woke board members want to impose their ideology on your kids. Politics is warfare, and it’s best we start acting like it, while we still have peaceable means left to protest. And yes, protesting outside the house of a public official is a peaceful protest. The fact that many are uncomfortable with it is why it is effective. Our enemies need to know the cost of crossing us. These people are perfectly content to indoctrinate our kids and go home and live consequence free from it, and this needs to end. In this video, the protesters were angry, but they did not sin. They did not trespass. They did not break the 6th Commandment. They did not break the 8th Commandment. They did not break the 9th Commandment. They did not break God’s law. They did however upset the sensibilities of those too weak to stand up for our freedoms or those who actively oppose them.

This is the next evolution of conservative activism: be angry but do not sin. Make our enemies lives uncomfortable, but do not sin against them. When our neighbors seek to do evil against us in a system where the people are the sovereign, those people should have to live with the natural consequences of their evil. We should be open to publicly shunning people. We should be open to doxing people. Yes, I know that’s a taboo on the internet, but you can’t argue on the basis of Scripture that doxing is a sin. Where we live is a matter of public record, and we are not entitled to hiding behind an alter-ego on the internet. Moreover, protesting outside of government official’s houses is exactly the kind of discomfort necessary to provide extra accountability to our elected and unelected officials. They need to be reminded that they exist to serve us, not the other way around.

The David Frenches and Erick Ericksons of the world want our movement to always be a LARP. The ones saying this isn’t the hill to die on won’t fight on the next hill either. The proper hill to die on has long since passed politically, and if we do not stop LARPing as a movement, we will never get our country back.

Therefore, it’s time to dust open the plays in our Founding Father’s playbook. It’s time to be angry and do not sin.

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