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Announcement: Evangelical Dark Web to host Vaccine Mandate Townhall

The Evangelical Dark Web is hosting a virtual townhall to hear the concerns of believers who are facing or could face a vaccine mandate in their workplace or even ministry. The church needs to be united on an issue facing so many both within outside of the church. In helping this effort, Evangelical Dark Web wants to hear your story (or even your friend’s story), help you navigate your options and solutions, and provide resources so that you can maintain your livelihood.

All Peacemakers are invited to be on the panel of the townhall. Confirmed special guests include Doctrine Forensics.



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Thursday, October 14th, 2021 8pm EST

How To Participate

All are welcome in the live chat during the event. Ahead of the event you can submit your questions or stories to Evangelical Dark Web here. Alternatively you could become a Peacemaker level supporter of the Evangelical Dark Web and be invited to the stream.


Evangelical Dark Web is one of the leading online ministries fighting and exposing Branch Covidianism in the church. And when we see Christians being having their livelihood pitted against their convictions and health, it is our duty to love one another and help edify the church and equip believers.

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