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Southern Baptist Convention Receives Breakup Letter From Its Lawyers

Ever since the Conservative Resurgence 2.0 was decisively defeated at SBC21, the Southern Baptist Convention’s reputation has sunk, primarily through the scandals of its new President Ed Litton. However, after successfully using the issue of sex abuse as a prop for convention politics, the SBC is now tasked with delivering the outcomes described in the allegedly leaked, allegedly internal, letters penned by Russell Moore. This means that there was no legitimate basis, probable cause, or even reasonable suspicion to merit what has come to pass.

This has led to the creation of a task force to be helmed by a pagan law firm with an extremely broad scope. Part of the request for the investigation include that the Executive Committee rescind their attorney-client privilege for the investigation. After initial public hesitance, the Executive Committee complied with the request.

Following this acquiescence, the law firm that has represented the Southern Baptist Convention for decades sent Ronnie Floyd, President of the Executive Committee a resignation letter.

Reformation Charlotte notes in their analysis:

However, it should be noted that without attorney-client privilege, it will be difficult, if not downright impossible, to find legal counsel. Without legal counsel, the denomination cannot be insured. And without insurance, the denomination is now susceptible to losing all of its money–which should be spent on missions and spiritual endeavors–to the attorneys of leftist Plaintiffs making baseless accusations against the denomination.

The Southern Baptist Convention appears to be escalating a death spiral for the denomination.

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