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It’s not hard for politicians to repent of Branch Covidianism

Many of those who have pushed their way to the front of the line fighting Branch Covidianism instinctually supported it when it first emerged, like Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson, James Lindsay, etc. However, very few of these people with large platforms have admitted the folly of their ways. Donald Trump is chief among those who supported lockdowns and sees no error in what he did.

Jesse Kelly is one of the OGs on this issue. He tweeted out:

This tweet grabbed the attention of Congressman Chip Roy.

It was evil to accept 15 days to flatten the curve. It was obvious this was a scam from the beginning and that science did not support locking down. Too many in Conservative Inc. carried Trump’s water for his disastrous lockdowns and Faucism. Rep. Chip Roy is a rare example of public repentance joining the few like Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida who also bought into lockdowns.

A lot of us had regrets about how we responded to the onslaught of Branch Covidianism, the number one religion in America from March 2020 to present day. Being deeply saddened for my country while being denied worship by local churches makes one want to write off these churches. Out of sadness and a sense of being alone in a fight, I did not venture as to make too many enemies via articles on Evangelical Dark Web. I was more vehemently anti-lockdown on Twitter to my own vindication. Even in 2021, I wrote that the Branch Covidians were defeated on a cultural level, but the cult has regained its fervor once the vaccine data looked unfavorable. I underestimated its longevity.

The cult just will not die. So we need to kill it. We need to defeat it in the church and local governments. Or else the church will end up as it is in Canada and Australia. The forces we are up against would see us to that outcome if they could. Perhaps I did not do enough in the past, but now is the next best time to start doing something.

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  1. I think we should form unvaxxed (or those against forced vaccination) because they will come at us harder. We may find supporting ourselves more difficult and will need help. Thinking about how to do it without getting the attention of the FBI or rabid groups

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