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Kyle Rittenhouse

Twitter vs Kyle Rittenhouse

One of the phrases that will get you banned on Twitter is “Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.” Despite the presumption of innocence and a cut and dry self defense case, Twitter has deemed this statement unacceptable on their platform. I would know. I’ve been flagged twice for it. This was the second time which admittedly I provoked to test the algorithm.

The problem with Twitter’s logic here is that Kyle Rittenhouse is not a replicable event. It’s an event that could happen to anyone, defending oneself with lethal force against communist paramilitary dweebs, but one does not simply replicate the Kenosha mile. Moreover, the Antifa dweebs were not a protected class, unless Twitter believes pedophiles are a protected class… So this tweet did not actually violate the rules, especially when the presumption of innocence actually favors Rittenhouse.

Despite this, I tweeted a screenshot of this and that was flagged by Twitter. I appealed the violation and won.

Yet over 48 hours later, Twitter did not restore my account.

The Bigger Picture

As much as I love trolling Big Eva, this issue is not about Big Tech censorship. The solution to Big Tech censorship is simple: support alternative platforms, mainly Gab as it appears the most viable.

The real issue is that Twitter is playing a part in a narrative that is being set up to use against us. The Leftists cannot allow Kyle Rittenhouse to walk. He killed two of their paramilitary personnel. They must make an example of him, and I posit here that they will try to January 6th Kyle Rittenhouse. The Big Tech censorship is just the beginning of this. The 2nd Amendment LARPers like Black Rifle Coffee Company and Dana Loesch are making this plan easier.

Already they are trying to shift the Overton Window so that he is viewed as a right wing terrorist. They are trying to make supporting him socially unacceptable. This is ultimately an attempt to taint he jury in an upcoming trial.

If Kyle Rittenhouse is found guilty then a the law will further be used against people who stand up for themselves against communist mobs like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and this precedent is a danger to us all. That is why the Rittenhouse case is so important.

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  1. You are right on in your assessment’s. Events are leading to civil war within the US and what you laid out makes pervect sense. They know there will be a revolt and they are already making plans to deal with us trouble makers. Thanks for mentioning Gab. I believe the Lord is really with Andrew Torba. I finally deleted FB and got out of Twitter last year.

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