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Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church Practices Medical Apartheid

Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web found that Redeemer Presbyterian Church was the most brazen of prominent churches in the United States with its implementation of medical apartheid. Redeemer Presbyterian Church is famous for being Tim Keller’s church. However the largest megachurch in the United States broadcasting a medical apartheid is Saddleback Church, the home of Rick Warren.

Currently on its website, Saddleback Church is mask-optional only for the vaccinated or children regardless of vaccination status. But for unvaccinated adults, they are mandated as second class attendees. This is perhaps an improvement from a church that required masks or face shields on 3 year olds.

Rick Warren boldly claimed his church was doing better than ever from his embrace of Branch Covidianism. And like David Platt, he justifies closing down his church. But McLean Bible Church is in the process of melting down, in part because of Platt’s embrace of Critical Race Theory and Branch Covidianism. Rick Warren’s claims if true would make him an outlier as data increasingly suggests that Branch Covidianism may be killing megachurches.

Stay tuned. This is a developing story.

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