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Christianity Today admits Trump didn’t hurt Evangelical church witness

Evangelicals were told for several years that “embracing” Trump would have a negative impact on the church. However, Christianity Today published an article with another study claiming that the church has had a more positive impact than negative from its perceived embrace of Donald Trump. To the butthurt of many in Big Eva, Christianity Today published an article on a poll which countered the narrative they had peddled for so long.

In theory, Evangelicals know more about the Bible than the average US adult which makes their assessment of the church’s credibility and moral courage irrelevant. However the 57% of Evangelicals who believed it to be morally courageous to “embrace” Donald Trump is the most clear majority in these findings. Other definite majorities are the majorities who did not agree that Trump support hurt the church’s reputation or an individuals ability to minister. Overall, this polling data is very positive despite Donald Trump being a nationally polarizing figure. 

This is to the shock of noted Big Eva figures like Andy Stanley who Christianity Today sites as an example:

Pastors like Andy Stanley at Atlanta’s North Point Community Church worried evangelical association with Trump would hurt the church’s reputation and outreach. In the survey, a minority of evangelicals believed the same, concerned about the impact on evangelical credibility and Christian witness.

But surveys so far haven’t reported a significant impact on evangelical affiliation. The new findings from Heart and Mind align with data released last month by the Pew Research Center showing there was no mass exodus from evangelicalism during the four years of Trump’s presidency despite pockets of turmoil. In fact, affiliation grew thanks to Trump’s political supporters adopting the label.

That’s got to hurt Big Eva. They peddled this narrative for several years, a narrative which would end up being one of the reasons I would vote for Trump. The narrative was a lie and has been unfounded in data thus far, no matter what David French, Beth Moore, and evidently Andy Stanley might think.

The last major finings of this research were that Evangelicals had more confidence in their local pastor’s handling of politics than they do Big Eva which is the column on the left. 51% were positive about local pastors while 43% were high on Big Eva.

Final Thoughts

While Big Eva has ulterior motivations for the anti-conservative narrative they were pushing, there exist genuine believers of this narrative. They simply understand politics less than the average Evangelical. 

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