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Kyle Rittenhouse

The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Began

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is underway, in what is the most high profile trial since Derek Chauvin. Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged with murder for killing two communist rioters during the Kenosha riots. Evangelical Dark Web has long been outspoken about the injustice of charging someone with murder for killing in self defense. Therefore, the Rittenhouse Trial is a proxy for the rights of many to defend themselves from leftwing paramilitary groups, like Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

The trial cannot be comparable to Derek Chauvin, just because of the proximity and their indirect connection. These are two different homicide cases with two very different defenses. I disagree with the notion that this is comparable to George Zimmerman. Because of the underlying political nature of this case, it’s clear that this case stands on its own.

The jury selection process indicates that the jury will be favorable to the defense. Big Tech has undergone censorship to frame an environment negative towards Rittenhouse. But this will not be enough to taint a jury that is local to communities damaged by riots. Many of the potential jurors seemed to have negative opinions about the riots and many of them did not seem to have negative opinions about guns in general, less one juror who was dismissed. Moreover, the word “victim” cannot be used to describe the fallen communist but looter, rioter, and arsonists can.

The biggest event so far was Rittenhouse’s friend testified in trial in the hopes of getting favorable treatment in his own court case, which he is charged for providing the gun to Rittenhouse. This focuses on the least significant charge Rittenhouse is facing.

It’s worth pointing out that Rittenhouse’s friend gave him terrible advice. No one should turn themselves into the police without an attorney present. A seventeen year old, or even an adult, cannot be expected to not incidentally incriminate themselves in front of a hungry detective.

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