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JD Greear COVID Nazi

JD Greear’s COVID Nazi Church Campus

There are many weaknesses of the multi-campus church model. In addition to convincing people of the merits and normalcy of watching a pastor on a screen, you also have to deal with multiple land and building usage issues. This wasn’t an issue when JD Greear famously canceled church for 2020 after having accepted $2-5 million in PPP loans. However in reopening his church, he has vast inconsistencies in his approach. This ranges from free churches to COVID Nazi churches. Evangelical Dark Web previously reported that Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church had the most brazen Branch Covidianism of of any in person prominent megachurch in the country. Not far behind was Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. However one of Greear’s locations would go even further than Redeemer Presbyterian Church in implementing a medical apartheid.

At the Downtown Durham location masks are required for all and the unvaccinated are subject to presenting a negative COVID test in order to worship. It’s worth noting that this burden is unscientific and implemented only to inconvenience those who are not vaccinated with the failing COVID-19 vaccine. It’s not about safety, and it never was.

This issue arose because Summit Church does not own this location. Therefore, they did not create these rules. They rent the high end theater venue that is run by Branch Covidians. They pay to treat the unvaccinated, and the vaccinated this way. Increasingly, we are seeing musicians like Eric Clapton and Travis Tritt and comedians like Dave Landau show more integrity fighting medical apartheid at venues than churches.

Two of Greear’s nine campuses have unbiblical requirements of its attendees. This is to say nothing about its staff and volunteers who seem to under such requirements. Evangelical Dark Web will continue covering this issue in the church, as the issue is not disappearing.

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