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Glenn Youngkin

Grassroots Evangelicals are the reason Glenn Youngkin won

This is not the column I thought I would be writing. Back in April of 2021. Evangelical Dark Web published a DarkLink that exposed Glenn Youngkin as a Woke Evangelical running for governor as a Rerpublican, predicated on the work of other ally ministries. Today he is the governor-elect of Virginia after running an anti-woke campaign post primary season. What changed?

The short answer is nothing. Glenn Youngkin does not have conservative instincts. He’s likely still woke by belief as well as a globalist. However, to his credit, unlike the previous gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, Ed Gillespie, Glenn Youngkin attempted to appeal to issues that everyday folks care about. In this case that issue was Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory became a major issue as Loudon County, Virginia became a national embarrassment, a situation that evidently included covering up rapes that took place in high school bathrooms by a transvestite. This “October surprise” had an impact on the election, especially in depressing turnout of Democrats in one of their strongholds.

Glenn Youngkin, despite his disposition, was branded by Democrats as a Ron DeSantis but in Virginia. The reason for this is not opposition to Branch Covidianism but Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory rose to political prominence in 2020 when President Trump championed the issue being influenced by Grassroots Evangelicals. This of course is years after Grassroots Evangelicals were fighting the issue in the church. The Evangelical Dark Web was launched in 2019 because, in part of this issue.

The theological liberals want to paint a picture that Grassroots Evangelicals only took up this issue because of Donald Trump while the likes of John Piper, among others, claim that no one is teaching this in the church. In reality, we took up the issue first, and because we took up this issue we are having an impact on the world that Big Eva elites are not having. They capitulate to the culture while the common man increasingly hold religious leaders in contempt for their rampant elitism. Many religious elites do not have to deal with their children being indoctrinated in public schools to believe whiteness is original sin and boys can become girls by fiat.

There is something so obviously wicked about transgenderism and Critical Race Theory, and Big Eva would rather negotiate with it, while the common person wants this ideology removed. The modern day sophists therefore hurt the witness of the church.

Yet even though Glenn Youngkin will likely be a terrible governor, his victory is an ancillary byproduct of Grassroots Evangelicals taking up this fight, and a craven opportunist riding the wave we created.

Grassroots Evangelicals should take Youngkins victory as encouragement that the elitist are incorrect about how handling Critical Race Theory will affect the church’s witness to the world. They should also ramp up the fight in the public square, as in most churches they have either resisted or compromised by now, so that Cultural Marxism is societally anathematized. 

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  1. I’m having difficulty posting. The main players
    Running Dominion Voting Systems are related to the Carlyle Group.

    1. I’ve heard that. Given how Youngkin outperformed Trump’s base and reincorporated suburban women and won by a small margin indicates some tomfoolery behind the scenes.

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