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United Methodist Church goes Full Branch Covidian in Seattle Area

Kent United Methodist Church went viral for boasting their COVID Nazi policies on social media. This story was previously reported by both Protestia and Reformation Charlotte. However, Kent UMC may have been the most brazen in broadcasting their “show me your papers” policy, but the United Methodist Church in their area is all on board with going full Branch Covidian. Kent UMC’s website states about their policy:

When we reopened the church in July, Kent UMC agreed, along with other United Methodist churches in the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, to follow and adopt CDC and local or state public health guidelines throughout the pandemic, choosing the most cautious path.  We also agreed not to avail ourselves of exceptions afforded to religious organizations when other like-sized organizations are asked to follow public health guidelines or orders.  United Methodist churches are taking this action, consistent with our Christian commitment to doing no harm and protecting the health of people served by the Church and the general public.

Our Administrative Council has adopted the recommendation of our own Reimagine Church Task Force to abide by a request from the Greater Northwest Area of the United Methodist Church (specifically our District Superintendent and the Bishop’s COVID Response Team) that we comply with King County’s upcoming health order (effective October 25, 2021).  This order mandates proof of a coronavirus vaccination or a negative test (within 72 hours) to attend most restaurants and bars, indoor recreational venues regardless of size, and outdoor events with 500 people or more.  King County strongly encourages faith-based institutions to comply, though they are not required. 

In following this mandate, this means that beginning October 25th, in order to attend in-person worship or indoor events at KUMC, a person must show their vaccination card, or a negative Covid-19 test from the last 72 hours.  Though not part of King County’s guidance, at KUMC we will also accept a medical exemption for an individual whose physician documents a diagnosis that is a contraindication for the Covid-19 vaccination.

It has long been the position of the Greater Northwest Area that its churches and ministries take seriously guidance provided by state and local health authorities, intentionally not availing themselves of special rules offered exclusively to religious organizations.  Therefore, United Methodist churches and ministries operating in locations where a vaccine mandate is in place have been asked to develop and implement a plan to require proof of vaccination or negative test as required by any health order.

Kent is following the leadership from the Greater Northwest Area of the United Methodist Church, because in Methodist church polity, hierarchy matters when the issue is not homosexuality. Their bishop, Elaine Stanovsky, is quoted saying “We know that vaccination is not only practical and wise, but also an act of love. We trust the science that tells us that vaccines significantly reduce the chance that we will get infected, hospitalized, and die because of this virus. And we love our neighbors enough to do all we can to avoid spreading this disease to them.”

The episcopal area is under this bishop’s leadership include Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. In the Seattle area, the church is running out of its way to impose medical apartheid, even when the vaccine passports aren’t applied to churches. This regional leadership has been full Branch Covidian from the beginning affirmatively citing Anthony Fauci on their website as recently as October 13th.

Other churches in the area require proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours to attend, against Scripture, not just Kent UMC. Queen Anne United Methodist Church has the following policy:

Due to Covid, masks are required. On October 25, all people in the building must be vaccinated (if of age) or must provide proof of negative test taken within the previous 72 hours.

This evidently applies to children as well. First United Methodist Church of Seattle or First Church requires all who are 12 and older to be vaccinated with no exceptions. They go on to explain that testing mandates for the unclean are not in compliance with the government mandate (that doesn’t apply to churches).

Puyallup United Methodist Church likewise has adopted the same policy citing denominational hierarchy. but they have a fear porn meter to tell them which policies to implement prior to enacting a Nazi policy.


The United Methodist Church shows us that the Branch Covidians are not afraid of coronavirus, and I would posit that they never have been. That is why their dogmatic devotion to failed policies is unchanged regardless of data. They are not afraid. They are self-righteous. They live for these times because they feel purpose in telling you how to live your life.

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