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The Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal marks America’s best day of 2021

Let’s face it, 2021 has been a dreadful year for the United States of America. Joe Biden is propped up at the helm of a nation’s death undermining its economy, military, and liberty. It’s been a year full of losses for the declining nation. The Afghan withdrawal being the most unifying event in recent memory for being the pinnacle of incompetency expressed by our government. The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse provided a glimmer of hope in America.

As I have expressed repeatedly, this was the 2nd Amendment on trial. It was not about Kyle Rittenhouse, it was about empowering the leftist paramilitaries of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They want to rule the streets. They are the worst of society. Joseph Rosenbaum was a homosexual pedophile. The other assailants also had a criminal background. And they do not want regular people interrupting their ravaging of communities.

Kyle Rittenhouse stood up to the mob. And then he was arrested for it. The evidence presented at trail was shoddy at best with the state’s eye witnesses sinking their case. Yet instead of a My Cousin Vinnie moment where the prosecution realized they had no case, they pressed onward with a different narrative than when they began the trial.

Kyle’s life lay in the hands of 12 strangers as the judge did not declare a mistrial. And then the deliberation went long. The notoriety of the case gave rise to the impression that a verdict to Antifa’s displeasure would recreate the riots of the previous summer or endanger the juror’s lives.

Yet in spite of these concerns the jury did the right thing either by not caving into these fears or by bullying the Democrat hold-out to vote acquittal. In either case Kyle Rittenhouse received a just ending to an unjust series of events.

Moreover, the threat of Antifa has not yet materialized. This signifies a few different possibilities. The simplest being that November is not campaign season for this paramilitary. The second possibility is the precedent that self defense will not be received as murder by a jury of peers. Antifa suffered a major defeat with this acquittal, in either case because of the lack of rioting undermines its use as a threat in the future.

As for the larger argument, the right people were angered by this verdict, a split along 2nd Amendment support. On a national level we have not has as major and as final win in all of 2021. Against Big Tech censorship, corporate media, Democrat operatives, the truth prevailed. Praise God.

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  1. Antifa did not respond as we feared because the people who manage them understood that to allow it would not benefit them going into a midterm election year. They are just deep-state puppets nothing more.

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