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Why Kyle Rittenhouse should sue The Gospel Coalition

The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse now frees him up to level his slanderers, of which the list is long. Even those in Conservative media largely failed to back him up. But Kyle Rittenhouse is certainly eligible to get him some of that Nick Sandmann money. In short there were a large portion of the population that thought that Kyle Rittenhouse killed black people, as the media and politicians labeled him a white supremacist. Additionally, there were a large segment of the population that believed Rittenhouse chased Rosenbaum down and shot him in the back. The public was told that he crossed state lines with a gun, and that it was illegal for him to carry the gun. And so when the acquittal came in because the public knowledge did not reconcile with the facts, the Left blew up about white supremacy on Twitter.

Peddling these lies includes none other than The Gospel Coalition. On August 29th, 2020, four days after the events in Kenosha, K. Edward Copeland wrote a lament about the month of August titled, Why I Hate August. Evangelical Dark Web reported on this slander at the time.

Kyle Rittenhouse killed people in the middle of the street (on camera and in front of witnesses) and then, smoking rifle at his side, casually strolled past law enforcement. He didn’t run away. He didn’t hide. He showed no fear. He assumed there was something about his person that would allow him to approach law enforcement with a visible semi-automatic weapon that had just taken lives—and live to tell about it. More than a few witnesses pointed out that he had just shot several people. Yet he was able to leave the scene and the state. 

When armed mass shooters (Kyle Rittenhouse, Dylan Roof, etc.) are apprehended without incident, and unarmed black people are killed out of fear that they might be armed, we have a more insidious problem than “a few bad apples.” This thing is cultural, pervasive, and abominable. 

Many of the false premises peddled by the media were required for Copeland to make his claims. In comparing Rittenhouse to Roof, he is calling Rittenhouse a white supremacist. Additionally, his description of the events are entirely inaccurate.

What The Gospel Coalition did is tantamount to slander, and although they are not the most egregious offenders, a libel lawsuit against them would be quite advantageous for the church. Just think, if The Gospel Coalition is forced to settle with a Sandmann type settlement, The Gospel Coalition, in an already declining state may go the route of Gawker after Peter Thiel had his way with them.

The Gospel Coalition is a main target of the Evangelical Dark Web for its proliferation of heresy. It would be a great victory if they are driven into bankruptcy, not just in the United State but around the globe. I imagine the US branch subsidizes to some extent their global operations in which they are actually worse in Canada and Australia. 

Kyle Rittenhouse has no shortage of targets for his lawsuits, but we would highly recommend one that benefits the church the most.

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