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Ron DeSantis Understands Romans 13

It was to no great irony that Ron DeSantis ventured to unincorporated Brandon, Florida to sign into law measures to eradicate Covidstan in Florida and workaround the Biden Regime‚Äôs vaccine mandate via OSHA. Under HB 1B (2021), companies must accept the following in lieu as valid exemptions for vaccinations: pregnancy (preexisting or expectant), medical concerns, […]

Black Rifle Coffee Company Goes Cringe Black Rifle Coffee Company has a PR nightmare on its hands as the company seeks to make nine figures in revenue. After using the Second Amendment as a marketing ploy, the company was exposed when their owner was found to have never donated to a conservative candidate while donating to multiple democrats. Additionally, their […]

Big Eva Silent on Rittenhouse Verdict

Quick to slander and slow to apologize has certainly characterized the response of The Gospel Coalition to the Rittenhouse verdict. Yet the same could not be said of Big Eva with regards to the Derek Chauvin verdict and will likely not be said of the imminent verdict relating to the death of Ahmaud Arbery. Whether […]