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Charlie Dates

Big Eva Silent on Rittenhouse Verdict

Quick to slander and slow to apologize has certainly characterized the response of The Gospel Coalition to the Rittenhouse verdict. Yet the same could not be said of Big Eva with regards to the Derek Chauvin verdict and will likely not be said of the imminent verdict relating to the death of Ahmaud Arbery.

Whether this is because now is not the best time to express anti-White sentiment or whether because they cannot articulate a coherent rebuttal to the verdict, the major Big Eva publications including: The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, Mere Orthodoxy, SBC Voices, ERLC, Church Leaders, 9 Marks, Relevant Magazine, and Charisma Magazine are all reticent on the issue.  This is despite the fact that Evangelical Dark Web has been consistently reporting on the cultural impact of this case from day one.

The best answer is that even ministries that share an audience with Evangelicals Dark Web have not really touched on this issue. But on YouTube, the silence is not the case. Christian Post only published a news article about the verdict as expected for a major event.

Even on Twitter, one is hard-pressed to find a Big Eva response. The condemnations of the verdict seem to exclusively come from super woke Black pastors and whatever Kyle J. Howard so happens to be.

Even Beth Moore kept her mouth shut. Duke Kwon is an exception to the pattern as is David French for retweeting it.

But as far as a substantive written condemnation, it has yet to be seen. The reticence is real.

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