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David Platt

Is David Platt coming out of the apostate closet?

David Platt is certainly having a big year for all of the wrong reasons. His shady practices at McLean Bible Church have been exposed leading to a massive decline in that church. He has even justified his sin from the pulpit. What we’ve observed in the past year is that many of the people who have been exposed openly embraced theologically liberal outlets. David Platt is doing that openly by headlining Preston Sprinkle’s Theology in the Raw Conference next year.

The lineup includes Greg Coles, Jackie Hill Perry, Thabiti Anyabwile and other woke minor figures. Greg Coles, in addition to Preston Sprinkle is a high profile Revoice Speaker. Both were at Revoice 21. Jackie Hill Perry is propped up by The Gospel Coalition who has a history of being on Woke Preacher Clips and promoting feminism. Thabiti Anyabwile is a well known woke pastor with a prominent social media presence.

The conference is filled with and marketed to theological liberals. Given David Platts falling stance with theologically orthodox Evangelicals, he may be openly embracing what he would have previously tried to conceal.

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