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Podcast: Discussing Eternity News, International Big Eva. Guest: The Other Paul

The Other Paul returns to lead the conversation about Eternity News, the most prominent Big Eva site down under. In the last conversation we had, Paul gave us the rundown of what it’s like in Australia and the state of its church. That is where the conversation begins today as he reports a more optimistic situation because the government is losing its control over the people.

In this podcast, I sit back and let him guide me through their articles exposing their state worship. Ultimately he describes Eternity News as a more intellectually lightweight version of The Gospel Coalition in the United States. A stark contrast is that, on occasion and with disclaimer, Eternity News will publish an alternative view from a theologically conservative author or a response from the Ezekiel Project. At most The Gospel Coalition will soften slander or hide content that they get dragged for.

But as always, The Other Paul and Evangelical Dark Web livestream is a fun conversation between based Christians living half a world apart.

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