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November 2021 EDW Report

Every month I provide a report on this ministry and a general overview of what the main takeaways were from the previous month. For Evangelical Dark Web, November was a steady month. Evangelical Dark Web broke the story about JD Greear’s church having a location that is imposing a medical apartheid. This story was picked up by multiple other outlets. And it is a demonstration of the effectiveness of this ministry. Evangelical Dark Web was also a leader in reporting on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, which was the biggest story of the month by far. And let it not be said we ignored the death of Ahmaud Arbury. The month began with a report on David Uth’s church on how Branch Covidianism killed that church.

But amidst all of the leading news stories and analysis, unfortunately, Evangelical Dark Web fell behind on a few stories. Being late to the James Merritt story meant having to cover it from a a different angle. Nor were we particularly early on the David Platt story. As much as this is a labor of love, one can’t help but want to cover a story ahead of the friendly competition.

Big Eva’s credibility took a hit in November. Between the rehashing of their slander of Kyle Rittenhouse to James Merritt being plagued with multiple incoming scandals. Additionally the Enemies Within The Church movie finally came out and Adam Greenway had a meltdown over it. No doubt it was a good month for the good guys. And victory did not come in the form of Glenn Youngkin who immediately after winning the Virginia gubernatorial race sold out his voters.

There’s a lot to say about the month of November. It was long and eventful.

Quick Stats

A couple notes about the quick stats. The review of EWTC being number two is not surprising, but my Sunday column on Rittenhouse and The Gospel Coalition is, to me.


I am not the only writer at Evangelical Dark Web any more. You may have already noticed this. Anthony is a wonk for politics and the faith, so I am excited and relived to have him aboard.


The channel had a good month, a better month than the previous. Even an impromptu livestream prior to Thanksgiving went well. Despite likely YouTube suppression over the trial, the consistency of the performance was great and noticeably increasing.

I will attempt to do more livestreams. And this will finally be the month I dive into The Chosen and will do a review series on it.

Site Changes

The Merch store was opened. One of these day’s an audio podcast will be a thing as well.

Looking Ahead

In addition to a thorough review of The Chosen, social media will likely be a big focus of the December. We anticipate some changes in the landscape and will touch on that issue. And since it’s December we will recap the year of 2021.


No Retreat,


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