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Patriot Front

Is Patriot Front A Fed Sting or a LARP?

Evangelical Dark Web has written a lot about political activism in anticipation of an election year, including on putting Christians in office. The 6 Steps To Putting Christians in Office is what we intend to implement. However, it is also worth examining secular attempts to alter America’s dismal trajectory.

The rise of militias on the right has been a disaster thus far. Prominent groups are either flooded with Federal agents or just LARPers looking for an outlet. The Patriot Front looked as though the most organized response to Antifa that the “right” has offered. They are uniformed, conceal their identify and maintain a discipline in public.

These contrast had the Fed label rampant. However the lack of beer bellies is a poor excuse to dismiss a group outright. Even an interested audience on Gab I sampled seemed unsure of what Patriot Front is.

Amidst the spray paint and the shields, Patriot Front at best is well organized and expensive LARP. At worst it is the Feds putting on a grandiose advertisement to attract new victims in their entrapment scheme.

The group itself is predicated on preserving America’s uniquely pan-European identity which is an incorrect assumption of America’s roots, as America is rooted in being a British colony and it is from the tradition of English common law that this nation would for a government and culture. Additionally, this is a secular group, that does not believe that faith is a natural identity, as opposed to race which they believe is.

Patriot Front’s main advocates on social media are the Nazi accounts widely suspected of being Feds. This is the best evidence in my assessment that they are Feds. In any case this group is too secular and likely anti-Christian.

There exist a larger question and that is, would Conservatives believe a legitimate organization or are we so blackpilled that everything is created by the Feds?

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  1. They have succeeded incredibly well at keeping us from forming well organized groups to protest any of our grievances really. I think that’s why we see so little protesting against covid measures. I, for one, would like to get a group together to protest over the weekends. Aborted babies used in research to the destruction of the 1st amendment to name just a couple. But I just can’t trust that there wouldn’t be feds getting involved. Just look at Jan 6, they’ve really paralyzed us. They’re devious and effective that’s for sure. I’m just trying to figure out how Europe seems to care so much more for freedom than Americans right now.

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