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Revoice Purges Their YouTube Channel

Revoice at its founding was meant to undermine the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. Now, the Revoice Conference has purged their YouTube channel of past content. In past years the Revoice Conference posted the conference content to the public such as their virtual conference in 2020. They posted these months later, and after that a panel discussion was exposed by online discernment ministries because their panelist, Art Pereira and Nick Galluccio, were replacing marriage with friendship in what ultimately appeared to be a sexless homoerotic friendship. However, it appears that Revoice will not be publicly posting their 2021 content. Moreover their past content is also no longer available for viewing.

In the months leading up to their 2021 conference, they had been posting liturgies and prayers with their soon to be featured guests. These too are also gone. All that remain are commercials for their content which now exists exclusively behind a paywall, and one webinar with Tish Warren. The commercials are for years 2020 and 2021, while 2019 is not present and 2018 is private.


This is a significant move that means that their recent conference will not be exposed as easily. And this along with a profit motive are the most obvious reasons for the Revoice purging their YouTube. Just like how Ed Litton’s church temporarily purged their YouTube of his plagiarized sermons to cover up his misdeeds, Revoice is apparently also not proud of their past videos which were freely available.

Stick a fork in their YouTube channel. With no substantive content, their subscriber count will continue to stagnate, as it has been for as long as Evangelical Dark Web has been checking their content.  However, this doesn’t mean they won’t spread through other platforms.

The Revoice Conference may be confident in their business model, but they most certainly are afraid of being exposed. YouTube was not a winning platform for them as it means posting substantive content that opens up the liability of exposure. The Art Pereira discussion drew the most attention from 2020 and he returned to being a speaker in 2021. Yet in this exposure, Big Eva was unmoved to crack down on Revoice and its beliefs.

The fact that Revoice cannot compete on YouTube is a good thing. The fact that they are retreating behind a paywall is not a bad thing. However, exposing Revoice means nothing if they successfully push side b theology into the mainstream.

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