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The Chosen Ep. 2 Shabbat Review

Evangelical Dark Web’s series review of The Chosen continues with episode 2, “Shabbat.” To read or what the review of episode 1, click here.

Episode 2 picks up where episode 1 leaves off and inches the ball forward. In a 38 minute long episode minus credits and intro, not much happens. While episode 1 was unfaithful to Scripture in its portrayal of the only event from Scripture it portrayed, and the depiction of some disciples, mainly Simon (Peter), episode 2 is a wash on this debate and does not contribute. We mostly get more of the same from Simon and Andrew. Nothing in episode two attempted to portray anything in Scripture. However, great length was went to explain the sabbath and its meaning and tradition. This was good cultural depiction.

The best thing the show has going for it thus far is the character Matthew. Episode 2 goes further in portraying his lifestyle as an outcast. On a day when people spend with family, his own father disowned him, presumably for being a tax collector. He has no friends and interacts with Romans who scoff at him. His plot in the episode seemed as though the stakes were based on contrived risks.

Nicodemus and Mary Magdalene interacted once more. Nicodemus was credited by colleagues for the exorcism in season one, and they want to send a report to Jerusalem, but Nicodemus insists on investigating the outcome and longevity himself. He finds Mary who tells him that he did not do the healing and that the one who did is not ready to reveal himself.

Nothing really happened with Simon other than filler and alienating his wife.

Mary being free from demonic possession relearns how to put on a sabbath meal. Jesus and his disciples show up. This included James, John, and Barnabas. It’s worth noting that the choosing of these disciples was not portrayed in this episode or the prior.

Overall, episode 2 does little to advance the plot or the debate surrounding the show.

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