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Greg Piken

Revoice 21 Exposed: Replacing Marriage & Gay Fearmongering

Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported on how Revoice purged their YouTube channel in favor of moving everything behind a paywall. Now Evangelical Dark Web has uncovered an unlisted YouTube video of one of their speakers, Greg Piken giving a presentation. Unlisted means that it can only be accessed via a direct url; it is not published for public view. Upon finding this video, Evangelical Dark Web created an entire video watching and breaking down the presentation that Greg Piken gives.

Greg Piken is a homosexual who believes that his homosexuality puts him in the unique position of being able to not blame a woman who has been raped, because normal men would blame the victim. Moreover, he appears as though he puts the church community penultimate to his faith.

The main arguments that Piken makes do not break any new ground for the Revoice Movement in their advance of side b theology. Piken advocates the chosen family model as was exposed in last years Revoice Conference to be a replacement of the institution of marriage and placing friendship as an idol.

Much of Greg Piken’s presentation was on missiology of the church. Piken believes that locals are best equipped to reach their nation and that is why “gay Christians” need to be sent to the “gay nation.” He ignores the ex-gay Christian movement that rejects the “gay Christian” label. Moreover, Piken places an inordinate amount of emphasis on the fact that the homosexuals do not need to be preached to about labels and their language.

Piken concludes his speech with classic fearmongering about the next generation. Claiming that the next generation (Gen Z) is more progressive, Piken makes the argument that this generation will reject the church because of how they view homosexuality. There are two major flaws with this logic. Firstly, every generation in church history has likely feared losing the next generation. Secondly, the surest way to lose the next generation is to be more like the world and compromise our beliefs, as churches all across western civilization have done.

The original unlisted video can be found here:

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