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Robert Jeffress Has Donald Trump Preach at FBC Dallas

Donald Trump is famously Christian-friendly but not himself a Christian by his own words about having no regrets and having Paula White as a spiritual advisor. Robert Jeffress is a notorious Trump shill who once endorsed Paula White’s book because of her role in Trump’s administration. Additionally, like many pastors who took PPP Loans, Robert Jeffress peddles the government narrative on vaccines. During a Sunday service before Christmas, Robert Jeffress gave a sermon and afterwards gave Trump his flock as an audience to speak to.

Donald Trump gave a standard speech about how America needs a savior and it’s not him. His message expressed gratitude for Jesus and the church while ultimately focusing on the message of Make America Great Again and America First. Donald Trump implied that next time he would have Melania up on the stage with him at FBC Dallas because of how beautiful it was. This would go contrary to Scripture by having a woman function as a pastor during a worship service.

Robert Jeffress, via his introduction of Donald Trump, turned a church service into a Trump rally which is beyond unbiblical. Moreover, because there is no profession of being born again made by Donald Trump, and even if there were, he’d be a baby Christian, to allow someone who’s not a Christian a portion of a worship service to lead is wicked.

Robert Jeffress is shamefully pandering to maintain his celebrity status and captive audience. And unlike the Christian Post, Evangelical Dark Web does not believe the church should be putting out for a politicians, especially if there is no reason to believe they are part of the Brethren. This was a shameful attempt to appeal to the desire of low-wit Evanjellyfishes that do think Trump is a savior to America despite locking the country down and advancing Branch Covdianism.

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