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Bubba Wallace

Faked Until Made

Colin Kaepernick gets his cringeworthy docuseries. Now, Bubba Wallace takes his Grifty 500 victory lap, and there is no better place to venture than ESPN, the worldwide leader in woke sports reporting. For those that do not recall, Bubba Wallace has the highest melanin content in NASCAR. He was a middle of the road driver who has risen through the ranks since 2008 when his racing career began. In the aftermath of George Floyd, on June 20, 2020, Wallace’s crew reported a noose in their garage. Everyone reacted as if it were the most heinous thing, coming together to rally around Wallace. Even our valiant FBI took the time to research the noose, utilizing nineteen men only to come to the seemingly obvious conclusion that the noose in question was actually a pull-down rope for the garage—something that a professional racecar driver would have known.

Even after the truth is revealed, Wallace has continued to double down on the hoax. After all, what does he have to lose? This was the biggest publicity stunt of his career, and it worked. The advocate for Black Lives Matter cashed in at their peak popularity. Everyone knows his name, even those unfamiliar with NASCAR. Because of him, NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag. After ESPN, he will have a documentary with Netflix. Bubba Wallace was made.

In a world where narrative is truth, facts become tertiary. There is no objectivity. Kaepernick never needed to substantiate his claims of racial oppression, which was his stated reason for kneeling before softening his scope to police brutality. Nevertheless, when his career trajectory was in decline, he sold himself as a victim, which is easier than throwing accurate spirals and honing one’s athletic physique.

Christine Blasey Ford never needed to substantiate her allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh from over 30 years ago; it was assumed. Believe all woman, even if their witnesses contradict them and the location is unverifiable. Why would she lie? Maybe because she has since received accolade from Time Magazine.

Then there is Jussie Smollett, who paid two Nigerian goons with a check to commit a fake hate crime against him, one that was so violent, he maintained his Subway sandwich. The media took up the call to arms, as they did against Nick Sandmann a month earlier. Even when his cards have been on the table for over a year and he is on the witness stand, Smollett antagonistically maintains his innocence. Against testimonial and video evidence, he remains defiant. Maybe he is the next “victim” to be ingratiated with a documentary. Oh, how his struggling acting and music career due to the white supremacist Hollywood system forced his hand to bring attention to the struggle of black homosexual actors… it practically writes itself.

In the world of the Italian Mafia, under the code of Omerta, there is the concept of being made. To be made is to be untouchable—at least not without permission from the higher ups. Obviously, with the Italian Mafia, it is expected that a made man is Italian. Commentators like Jason Whitlock have pointed out that certain hate crime hoaxers are typically “Hafrican” in reference to their pedigree. They commit these elaborate hoaxes to exemplify their status in the black community—to be one of them. We saw this with #MeToo, where more and more sketchy stories came out, often just bad dates, all so certain people could be part of the victim crowd. In order to exalt themselves, they had to become victims.

Many on our side contend that Social Justice is a religion where its ardent adherents are cultist who dedicate their lives to the faith. After all, this religion has no problem sacrificing children for convenience so what is truth? They fill their god-shaped hole with desire for self-aggrandizement, which they achieve through the acquisition of victim currency. Make up a story, become made, cash in, double down, and repeat. The victim economy is profitable, and the Social Justice narratives, fueled by the hierarchy of intersectionality, incentivizes rather than punishes these hoaxers. So long as it feeds the worldly narrative, the cultist will pump the story and defend the narrative.

In a moment of introspection, ask yourself, did you fall for any of the following?

  • Nick Sandmann’s “Smirk Heard ‘Round the World.” Did you believe he was the aggressor?
  • Michael Brown’s “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” which the truth later revealed that Brown assaulted an
    officer, attempted to grab his gun, and charged at the same officer.
  • Kyle Rittenhouse the White Supremacist murderer.
  • Fifteen Days to Flatten the Curve.

All of these were media deceptions circulated before the truth had its day. Many bent over backwards to be at the front of the line, signaling their virtue, still believing these fake news narratives.

As Christians, we must not feed into these deceptions. It is important to consider the source along with the timing of the information. There is a reason that the biblical standard is two or three witnesses (Deut. 19:15) while that same standard holds clear that dishonest testimony requires severe punishment equal to that of the alleged offense (Deut. 19:19). We are to practice due diligence regarding whatever claims people make, whether true or otherwise. Benefit of the doubt should be extended where there is cause for credibility but should not replace critical thinking. Do not abandon principles for emotion.

Be wise, for there will be more Smollett’s and Wallace’s in the years to come. The world enjoys these soap operas, propagating them to rile the people and sow deceit. React not as the world does but be the light instead!

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