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Our Most Watched Videos of 2021

In 2021, Evangelical Dark Web expanded video content and would produce videos in companion with articles. Though more work, this plan successfully expanded our reach to two different audiences. It’s also allows better coverage of viral videos and  sermons that contain false teaching. In 2021 the YouTube channel grew fivefold. Here are the top videos from 2021.

10. Craig Groeschel Woke Marxist Exposed

This was the longest video on the list nearing 57 minutes. But it is a potent deep dive into Craig Groeschel.

9. Ellen Page’s Fake Abs Are Stunning & Brave

Often the best way to combat transgenderism is to mock it. Applying the adage of “stunning and brave” that first came up with Bruce Jenner, and then pointing out how inadequate gender transitions are for transvestites goes to show there is far more to masculinity than mere appearance. And even if there weren’t, transvestites do a terrible caricature.

8. Is John MacArthur’s Wealth A Real Scandal?

Both the video and article of on this were successful. Again, this is a 27 minute long video demonstrating the demand for long form content.

7. Brian Houston Indicted On Concealing Child Sex Abuse

This video on Brian Houston’s indictment gained a lot of traction. We strove for brevity in reporting on this story.

6. Beth Moore leaves SBC

Some of Evangelical Dark Web’s most popular videos involve Beth Moore, a popular false teacher. This video strove for brevity on reporting and analysing this story as well.

5. David Platt’s Church Gets Sued By Own Members

David Platt is definitely a sure way to get views on YouTube and this short form video exceeds the accomplishments of the longer form predecessors.

4. Black Rifle Coffee Company Hates You

A video like this is a good opportunity for outreach. Discerning conservatives are oft discerning Christians. However, if not, then they subscribe and will hear the gospel in my videos. Thus, I like straying into politics when necessary.

3. Steven Furtick Modalism Exposed

This is the all time views leader on Evangelical Dark Web. In 2021, it was taken down a peg because we were disputing a bogus copyright claim on the video, an easily abused process on YouTube.

2. Andy Stanley – Obvious False Teacher

This is the second most popular all time video, and like the Steven Furtick one, it is also from early 2020.

1. San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Cringe

This video got nearly 10K views in one day before SFGMC filed a bogus copyright strike on a commentary video. Idf this video had not been targeted it would have been even more successful, as this video had a window that was prematurely and unlawfully shut. Restoring the video does not get the views lost recovered.

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