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Gubernatorial Power Rankings 2021

This is the first annual Gubernatorial Power Rankings, whereby the Republican governors shall be ranked from worst to best. If we were to include all governors, including the democrats, then obvious tyrants like Heinrich Hochul, Gavin Newsome, and David Ige would fall to the bottom and there would be difficulty discerning between competing Marxists, who are collectivists by nature so thus march in lockstep.


As a disclaimer, this list is a power ranking. The most positively impactful governors are positioned higher in the rankings. Factors like the size of the state matter, as not all states are equal in their influence. There is noted a trend towards local dominion on pertinent issues. To those who refuse to wield power or cede unto the localities, this negatively effects their standing. Action matters. Inaction is detrimental. Information used for this list focused primarily on actions from 2021, not 2020. Since many states passed abortion legislation, either in 2021 or years prior, it was of secondary impact in these rankings.

27th Mike DeWine, Ohio: The Mother of RINO’s

To some, it might come as a shock Governor DeWine placed last over more obvious RINO’s in blue states, but that is exactly why he is the worst republican governor. The Ohio General Assembly boast 64 Republicans out of 99 seats while the senate features 25 out of 33—both heavy majorities capable of enacting a conservative agenda for a conservative governor. Historically, Ohio has been a political machine, influencing the outcome of many presidential elections and the mother of many presidents (Hayes, Garfield, McKinley, Taft, and Harding). What the political machine fails to do is accomplish anything apart from its preservation. Under true leadership, Ohio could be Texas or Florida. Cincinnati or Columbus could be Nashville. But no, Mike DeWine governs, and Kasich before him, so Ohioans get incoming vaccine passports and political malfeasance instead.

26th Larry Hogan, Maryland

If he is not slobbering over Biden in the Oval Office or pushing Build Back Better, then Hogan is perfectly content allowing Marylanders to suffer under democrat tyranny, and that is when not he perpetuates it by state mandated masking for schools, vaccine mandates for employees, and eventual vaccine passports. At least when he is not being overruled by a supermajority, he spends his time punching down at Baltimore.

25th Charlie Baker, Massachusetts: The Spirit of Covidstan

Like Hogan, RINO Charlie Bakers has imposed mandatory jabs for state workers and Boston is about to go live with a Vaccine Passport system. Truly good for nothing.

24th Phil Scott, Vermont

Honestly, I did not realize Vermont had a Republican governor. Likely, the people there do not realize it either.

23rd Chris Sununu, New Hampshire

Live Free or Die is just a cool slogan, but hardly a way of life in New Hampshire. At least Sununu has banned Vaccine Passports at a state level and has not yet imposed jab requirements on workers.

22nd Tate Reeves, Mississippi

Do not let the Mississippi abortion law fool you, Reeves is as bad as any RINO, and that law is the only thing propping him up. Apart from that, he has imposed clot shot requirements on state workers and vaccine passports are not outlawed on any capacity in his state. Mississippi deserves better.

21st Eric Holcomb, Indiana

Indiana is an excellent case of gubernatorial underperformance. Holcomb took over for Mike Pence when he became Vice President. Save for Trump, Pence ruined his political future when he capitulated on RFRA, to which Holcomb has done little to repair. While Holcomb has protected workers from mandatory vaccines and passports, he has not disallowed the next Mayor Pete or Leslie Knope from implementing tyranny. Indiana deserves better.

20th Mark Gordon, Wyoming

Throughout 2020 and even into 2021, Mark Gordon was a Covid petty tyrant in Wyoming of all states. Unsurprisingly, the state which brought us the Cheneys is ineffective when it comes to legislation, and Gordon does not desire to wield his authority against Covidstan. In a state with Republican supermajorities—less than 10 democrats in both chambers combined, he fails to stand up for workers nor does he push his RINO legislators to do so either.

19th Pete Ricketts, Nebraska

Ricketts governs like a termed-out governor. He literally cannot be bothered to implement executive or legislative policy to counteract Covidstan policies.

18th Jim Justice, West Virginia

Donald Trump won every precinct in this state. West Virginia deserves better than to have some of the worst standard of living statistics in America. Instead of improving his state, Justice introduced prizes for risking myocarditis and was late to the party on banning transgenders in sports. Had they resisted Covidstan West Virginia had much to gain in 2020, but Justice was a trend follower, not a trendsetter, to which 2021 was no different.

17th Doug Ducey, Arizona

Doug Douchey is an apt descriptor for the Arizona governor, for if he were not a douche, he would rank higher. Of late, he has enacted bans on mask mandates and has stood against mandatory jabs, apart from healthcare workers; however, he has vetoed legislation which would criminalize unsolicited mail-in ballots. His selection of Martha McSally for US Senate has been costly, as she is too politically ineffective to have kept her seat, thereby ceding power to the democrats. While not transpiring in 2021, the damage carried over to 2021 and there is a general apathy between the base and Ducey.

16th Doug Burgum, North Dakota

Though he banned vaccine passports and has protected state workers from the clot shot, he vetoed legislation which would have hampered tranny madness in his state.

15th Mike Dunleavy, Alaska

Dunleavy is a typical fiscal conservative. He is middle of the road in the middle of nowhere.

14th Kristi Noem, South Dakota

Doubtless, if there were 2020 rankings, she would have fallen the hardest (possibly 10 spots), but 2021 has revealed Noem’s true colors. She is nothing more than a Chamber of Commerce Candidate who would rather fundraise than confront on issues like tranny madness. Never mind the personal scandals which have afflicted her this past year.

13th Brad Little, Idaho: Faithless in the Little Things

For another state, Little would be better regarded as he has defended workers from jabs, but his Achilles Heal is his propensity towards local rule on Covid Matters in a deep red state. He cannot leave the state without Lt. Governor Janice K. McGeachin enacting mask mandate bans via executive order. Picking needless political fights out of spiteful pride will hopefully be his undoing.

12th Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas

If he did not run his mouth, Asa Hutchinson would place higher in the power rankings. Arkansas legislators have propped up their governor in taking bold stands on basic common-sense matters, like outlawing mask mandates and vaccine passports to proscribing child abuse via trangendering children. Though the latter be against Asa’s desires, the legislative prowess reigns supreme in Arkansas. Props to those boots on the ground. This one is for you.

11th Henry McMaster, South Carolina

McMaster has been relatively solid for the state which gave us Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham, and Tim Scott. Though McMaster has banned vaccine passports and mask mandates, his legislature failed to pass Constitutional Carry.

10th Mike Parson, Missouri: Show Me!

Parson might be ideologically solid, but he has the propensity to rely on localities to make decisions, the same ones that prosecuted the McCloskey’s get to decide covid restrictions. Missouri is a real state which can have an impact nationally, if the governor chooses to embrace his authority.

9th Spencer Cox, Utah

Cox has no political instinct whatsoever. The guy who previously made joint ads with his political opponent favors private business interests over individual rights and is an absolute shill for the failed vaccine. Thankfully, he has a competent legislature to reel him in.

8th Brian Kemp, Georgia

I suppose this is a hot take given the fallout of the 2020 election, which I contend is partially to blame on his beef with Trump, who bashed Kemp for being the first to reopen. Nevertheless, Kemp has taken on Covidstan and voter fraud in 2021. If his legislature were more competent, then he could better take on Atlanta, which has become the new Chicago and really fight back against corporate and Hollywood interests in Georgia. With several high profile primary challengers, perhaps he will rehabilitate himself like another on this list with a solid session in the year to come, but you better hold him to it.

7th Greg Gianforte, Montana: Faithful in the Little State

Taking office in 2021, Gianforte plays for keeps: shutting down mask mandates, employer jab requirements, banning trannies from women’s sports, and Constitutional Carry. He even preemptively banned Sanctuary Cities, in a state with none. Gianforte puts his neighbors to shame! If not for Montana being an insignificant state, he would be higher on the power rankings. Unfortunately, his national name recognition is probably nonexistent.

6th Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma

To the state that brought us Joe Exotic, Oklahoma has been solid red under Stitt, who has wielded his authority against Covidstan. Aside from banning mask mandates, Stitt has also taken on Biden with jab requirements for the Oklahoma National Guard.

5th Bill Lee, Tennessee

Under Lee, Tennessee has become the new hotness for many businesses. Though Lee has taken on Covidstan, there are several kernels of compromise. His ban on vaccine passports does not bar large venues from requiring them, but he has otherwise been reliable against Covid in 2021. The political importance of Tennessee cannot be understated, and Lee has a mighty pulpit from which he all to often chooses to follow the example of others rather than lead.

4th Kay Ivey, Alabama: Tolerable Karen

Not going to lie, ideologically, Kay Ivey is a Karen and a complete vaccine shill. If not for the competency of her state legislature, which has taken on tranny madness, including puberty blockers, vaccine passports, and mask mandates, Kay Ivey would not be top ten. Rhetoric aside, she is malleable. Well done, good and faithful grassroots.

3rd Greg Abbott, Texas: Don’t Mess with Texas?

Everything is bigger in Texas, including its impact. In a year of emerging prospective primary opponents, Greg Abbott finally decided to stand up for his voters. Legislatively and executively, Abbott has taken on Covidstan, Big Tech, abortion, and illegal immigration. Whether Abbott or someone else, what happens in Texas is politically important and innately warrants a top five power ranking when wielded even somewhat effectively. Like Lee, Abbott has been a follower rather than a leader, and by far is the most improved governor of 2021.

2nd Kim Reynolds, Iowa

It was the grassroots who flipped Iowa from blue to red, and they are not playing around in Des Moines. With a demonstrated history of listening to the base, Reynolds has been a leader in enacting legislation against Covid tyranny, Constitutional Carry, and has vowed to ban trannies from women’s sports, if passed. Laws enacted in other states targeting Covidstan were initially spearheaded in Iowa. Iowa under Reynolds has been a model for the nation. May this continue.

1st Ron DeSantis, Florida: Future Face of the GOP

No state has been more indicative to US elections than Florida, yet Ron DeSantis governs the state as one would expect deep red state governors to govern. Anything Florida does becomes a national conversation, and DeSantis has not cowered away from the fight, with the NCAA, Biden, and the media. Both tactful and articulate, DeSantis is Trump without Trump, to which he has become many conservatives primary alternative for 2024. Is his legislature the most competent? No. Are Florida’s senators ideal? No. There is a lot of room for improvement in the Sunshine State, and damn, they found the right man for the times.


The elevation of certain governors despite their blatant shortcomings reflects the depressing nature of the Republican Party, where deep red states are lazy and complacent while recently flipped states are more ambitious. Based on this list, it is no surprise our country is in the turmoil its in. The policies the base seek are not complicated, but all to often governors and legislators are conflicted with the interests of businesses or some delusion of local rule—which is really abdication. Evil policies are wrong, regardless of whether it is the federal, state, local, or private sector who imposes the policy. Meanwhile, half of this lot are mere shills for the vaccine, with only a handful being corralled by their base.


This list is as much about the grassroots as it is the individual governor, for if the former mobilizes against the latter, then the best result can equally be achieved as with a governor more ideologically aligned yet complacent. Going into 2022, we the people can influence large swaths of America through local activism, and there are enough governors who will either support or follow suit provided there is mobilization.

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