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Ravi Zacharias

Top Stories In The Church 2021

2021 was an impactful year for the church. And the grand scheme of church history, we really live in a critical juncture. For the church to collapse in western civilization where it had been strongest for nearly the entirety of church history is not only seldom precedented but has far reaching implications for the rest of human events. We may be nearing the end times or may be on the cusp of revival. But in any case there are major events which characterize the church in 2021. Evangelical Dark web has compiled a top ten. Unlike The Gospel Coalition’s list which was out of touch navelgazing with poor analysis, or Christian Post’s which though doing list articles where the top ten is not on one page is good online writing, our list seeks to summarize the year both good and bad, as it relates to the church. Here are the top ten stories of 2021.

10. Enemies Within The Church

The long-awaited documentary finally came out and just within its window of usefulness. The documentary does an excellent job pointing out how the church got to where it is now and how to get back on the right path. Big Eva has already melted down over the documentary signaling its effectiveness. The grassroots scored a major win against the elites with this release.

9. End of Roe v Wade

Roe v Wade is not dead… yet. However, this very possibility is enough to merit a top ten. In 2022 we will find out just how far the Supreme Court will go in reversing its prior precedent, now that it seemingly has the votes. But with a disappointing performance from Amy Coney Barrett and Neil Gorsuch being an Episcopalian, there is reason to lack confidence in Trump’s justices. With most public sin, Europe spreads it to the United States, but with abortion, America is the leading exporter of baby killing to the rest of the world as pro-abortion advocates ramp up baby killing in Australia, Europe, Korea, and South America. If America’s abortion cabal is overthrown, this will have global implications in and outside of the church.

8. The Fall of David Platt

David Platt, Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll, and Francis Chan were among the rising Gen X superstars of the church. All of them have lost all credibility by going woke or losing their mind. Ten years ago, David Platt was a superstar on top of the International Mission Board. Now he’s running McLean Bible Church into the ground with Branch Covidianism and wokeness. After losing favor with serious Christians, it appears David Platt will attempt to appeal with the Revoice crowd as well as the charismatics of the church growth movement. Platt’s decline is a major win for the church.

7. Docent Research Group

The many scandals of incoming president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Ed Litton, led to the exposure of Docent Research Group, a corporation providing sermons for churches both large and up and coming throughout the nation. The company was a side gig for woke writers and seminary professors, and a tool to get ahead for many churches. Though this company was not brought down, bringing this practice to light helps us understand the problems of the Evangelical church in America.

6. Ravi Zacharias

For the discerning Christian, there were major red flags concerning Ravi Zacharias including his propping up of Sam Allberry and his adultery on his wife. The scandals that would come out posthumously would be an extension of the latter. An investigation revealed that Ravi Zacharias took advantage of massage parlors which he co-owned as places for him to make whores of the workers. The report brought the end of RZIM which his daughter is shamefully attempted to revive while his son is in complete denial. In death and in legacy, Ravi Zacharias did not have a happy ending.

5. The Rise of Andrew Torba

The mass censorship coordinated by Big Tech and Big Government led to the rise of a plethora of alternative social media sites. The emerging winners appear to be Gab and Odysee. Gab is owned by Andrew Torba, an outwardly devoted Christian and great admirer of Doug Wilson. And he is leading the charge for Christians to create an independent economy and building critical infrastructure to do so. Having been rejected by elites within and outside the church, Torba is making paving his own path for other entrepreneurs to follow.

4. PCA Pushback Against Revoice

Side B theology is the latest attempt to undermine biblical sexuality in churches that were resolved to declaring homosexuality a sin. By attempting to differentiate between behavior and desire, a host of false teachers have emerged pushing their new form of gay Christianity. The Revoice Conference has been the leader in this, and they started in the Presbyterian Church in America. Yet in 2021, the PCA would strike a mortal blow to Revoice by passing Overture 23. Though not complete, the PCA may be on the path to stomping out many false teachers in their midst even with their rigid ecclesiology.

3. No More Mean Tweets

Big Eva elites got what they wanted in 2020 in 2021: hyperinflation, the fall of Afghanistan, supply chain issues. But at least we no longer have mean tweets. This will be an issue for the next few to several years as America descends into further decline and the Great Reset has its way with the corpse.

2. The Downfall of the Southern Baptist Convention

The largest protestant denomination in North America has been completely taken over by apostates. The Southern Baptist Convention went into 2021 with Kevin Ezell and Al Mohler pulling the strings. At it’s annual convention, it not only doubled down on allowing Critical Race Theory as an analytical tool but elected liberal Ed Litton to be its president. 60% of the messengers, many of whom were funded by NAMB, voted for a liberal candidate in the first round making a Conservative Resurgence 2.0 nearly impossible. In addition to the embarrassment that Ed Litton’s presidency has been, the Southern Baptist Convention waived client attorney privilege. Without legal counsel, the SBC has lowered its shields in face of a Klingon attack.

1. Branch Covidianism in the Church

Centuries from now, pending the return of Christ, we will look back on the folly of today’s church which has capitulated to the religious movement of Branch Covidianism. This false religion has created many idols and rain dances which they claim will save people, and the only reason they do not work is because we did not worship hard enough. Shamefully, many church partook in Branch Covidianism and made Caesar head of the church, imposing mandates and distancing on their congregants. And not enough are awake to the insidious agenda behind the idolatry. And many sheep are now without churches around the world.

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