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Andrew Klavan

Andrew Klavan’s Young Heretic

Initially when I began listening to conservative podcasts, I was drawn to certain members of the Daily Wire, and among them Andrew Klavan, whose life experience served as his initial appeal. However, the flaw of Klavan is that he is a classical liberal, not a true conservative. Instead of the bible and Christianity serving as the foundation for his worldview, he relies on classical liberalism and philosophical musings.

Like many commentators, Klavan takes reader requests in the form of his mail bag, which come from top tier Daily Wire subscribers, so their hard-earned money deserves honest answers. In his video, “I’m a Gay and Closeted Christian, HELP!” Klavan is asked by a reader whether he should come out of the closet. Klavan affirms his sinful attraction as innate, immutable, and something he should just accept as who he is. Klavan contends that this is a trial God is setting up for his individual listener and accepts the premise that one can reconcile homosexual desires with their faith.

In the dating world, there is the phrase, “define the relationship” which is where the couple actually accepts that they are in fact a couple. It is a step in the relationship to officially bear the title “boyfriend or girlfriend.” Moreover, the same happens with engagement and marriage, where the relationship is redefined.

Openly defining oneself by sinful desires is not a trial preestablished by God. Real Christians do not “come out of the closet.” Recognizing unwanted sinful desires does not mean accepting them as one’s identity. In fact, the first step to salvation is acknowledging that one is a sinner requiring a savior. Klavan’s encourages this listener to accept his condition and “come out” instead of curtailing him. He is mindful of the destruction this listener could cause his family yet insists that he carries through anyway. Jesus did not sacrifice Himself so that we could wallow in our sin, but so that we could overcome and be transformed into a new creation. Look no further to Bobby Lopez or Juan Riesco of Nini’s Deli for proof that God can redeem one from homosexuality.

Sins of the Son

In his most recent podcast, Klavan has his son Spencer, an openly gay “Christian” attempt verbal gymnastics to justify his sinful lifestyle. Spencer Klavan, host of the aptly named Young Heretics podcast, boasts his linguistic knowledge whereby he redefines Leviticus and Paul’s reference in Corinthians to refer primarily to pedophilia and abuse of power relationships. To him, he is on the margins of humanity and thus an exception to the rule because he believes he can fulfill the Fruits of the Spirits in a lifelong gay relationship.

Never mind what Leviticus says, the condemnation of Sodom and Gomorrah, the emphasis on male prostitution in Baal worship, the affirmation of marriage when Jesus quotes Genesis 2:24 in Matthew 19:5, and the Council of Jerusalem’s instruction that gentile believers refrain from sexual immorality depicted in Acts 15:29, which was based on a Levitical understanding. New Testament references of the Septuagint (LXX) to a Greek speaking, pagan audience is to be expected from men who wrote their letters from within the Greek world. It is also reasonable to expect that the LXX was more readily available to reference than an equivalent Hebrew text. We can nitpick the nuances of ancient Greek all day long, but his exegesis can ultimately be summed up as “did Paul really say?”

Spencer Klavan rationalizes his sinful lifestyle through an amalgamation of linguistic gymnastics, his understanding of Natural Law, and personal experience. His grasp of Natural Law fails to acknowledge that heterosexuality is normal, therefore making anything else a deviation. When we reconcile Natural Law with God’s Word, it is concluded homosexuality is a rejection of God’s design for what is natural, just as transgenderism is a rejection to God’s design of man and woman. Furthermore, murder (unjustified homicide) is a violation of the Imago Dei. Personal experience does not change the original context in which the scripture or text is written, so therefore has no impact on its meaning.

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18:6

Under no definition is Spencer Klavan, an unrepentant sinner saved. Because of his son’s degeneracy, Andrew Klavan’s judgment is compromised, and he peddles this dangerous heresy to a conservative. No one is an exception to God’s righteous standard, yet it is tragic when people employ verbal gymnastics to rationalize their sinful desires because they are leading people astray.


Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17


We as Christians should apply this verse to the podcasters or news sources we listen to. The Big Eva types will listen to CNN and the New York Times, while condemning Christians for listening to Fox News, who admittingly pander to Christian Conservatism without being conservative or Christian themselves. While there is some truth that many listen to news at longer length than a Sunday sermon, Big Eva’s fails to recognize the log in their eye that is the leftist media and their propaganda they consume. We should approach with caution heretical Episcopalians like Andrew Klavan, theologically liberal orthodox Jews like Ben Shapiro, or Mormons like Glenn Beck, because their theological worldviews do impact their political commentary. Instead, let us give preference to Christian perspectives and news, embracing the gifts God has provided fellow believers. Let their iron sharpen us.

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4 Responses

  1. “Let us give preference to Christian perspectives and news”. So, who do you classify as Christian perspectives and news? (I’d deduct evangelical/reformed…uhm no thanks for me and many other based men) I give absolutely no credence, nor listen to Beck, Klavan, Shapiro, and the other Neocons, so I agree with you in that much.

    1. My classification for a Christian (or Christian perspective) lends mainly on agreement between core Christian doctrines, not necessarily secondary ones or theological traditions. Personally, I enjoy listening to Catholics like John Doyle, but most I listen to are protestant, which includes Deace, Crowder and Whitlock.

  2. Thanks for this information which is quite shocking to me. I do follow the Daily Wire and I like Ben, Candace and some of the others. Sad news.

  3. Even, and sometimes especially, Christians hang on to the things of this world with such an iron grip they have to spin scripture to their liking less their grip start to slip. As for the “big name” religious commentators, truth is truth and I can filter out their bs and get something from them. It’s that my access to media throughout the day is limited so choice is at a minimum. But I should make a greator effort at consuming more accurate media so it has an improved chance to grow and flourish, as we all should. The information war is intensifying.

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