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Mount Moriah AME Church offers promo code for getting the vaccine

As part of a New York City program to mobilize faith based communities to vaccinate, a financial incentive gives the recipient of the unsafe and ineffective vaccine $100. Mount Moriah AME, also known as Moriah City Church, in a recent sermon told their congregants to partake in the program. The catch is that Moriah City gets a matching $100 commission per head. The church will also be facilitating pop-up vaccine vans that will administer either the Pfizer or J&J vaccine. In order for them to get the $100 commission, the receiver would have to mention “Mount Moriah”

False churches have clearly been a leading mobilizing force in pushing Branch Covidianism. Moriah City is an example of a church actively selling out to the state. The same churches that sold out their congregations and locked down awaiting PPP loans are also quick to sell out for the vaccine.


H/T Woke Preacher Clips

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  1. My sister lives in Superior, CO. Somehow the fire went around her neighborhood, she had a lot of people praying for her to say the least. Its different than just seeing it on TV when it hits close to home, I lived in Boulder, CO for 11 years and had friends in the neighborhoods completely wiped out. When I lived there it was an anti-vaxx town big time, holistic health hating “big pharma”. My how that has changed! I was just going through the various charities helping out those effected, and the big talk – I kid you not – is how can people give and be sure their money isn’t going to the unvaccinated. “They wouldn’t help us, why should we help them.” And there you go. Is this the spark to ignite true hate and eventually violence towards the unvaccinated? (Pun intended, I can’t help it). I was reading an in-depth Jewish historical commentary on the parable of the good Samaritan last night that shed incredible light on the story. Substitute an unvaxxed man…

    I highly recommend “The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah” by Alfred Edersheim.

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