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December 2021 EDW Report

December was most definitely the slowest news month for Evangelicalism in quite some time. Evangelical Dark Web broke a major story on the Revoice Movement after uncovering a private YouTube video. Additionally, our article exposing Russell Moore’s dealings with “Good Neighbor” gained additional attention. Despite the slow news month, the Evangelical Dark Web was still active beginning our series on “The Chosen” and reporting on Trump’s vaccine gospel. Another interesting note is that during this month previous month’s articles gained a considerable amount of search traffic.

Quick Stats


Exposing Revoice and characterizing Russell Moore was the extent of the Discernment part of this ministry for this month. In January, we plan to return to writing verdicts. But in the meantime, verdicts can be requested here.


December is not a good month for YouTube, so towards the end of the month, Evangelical Dark Web took a break from video content. It was a bizarrely low traffic month with all that’s going on, and the news was slow as well. The month was capped with a livestream capping the year which was successful.

Upcoming Articles

In January, we have a big story about the Southern Baptist Convention coming up. Additionally, the series on “The Chosen” will continue as well.

Other News

A couple major announcements are in the works. One will be this week, and another (unrealted) shortly after.


Subscribers of Evangelical Dark Web are in the process of receiving a gift, a free copy of Enemies Within The Church. DVDs have already been mailed out and should arrive this week. If you are a Zealot or Peacemaker class subscriber, I have reached out to inquire as to send it to you but need your reply to follow through on the promo. Additionally, if you would like a copy you can become a subscriber (see below) and receive one.


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