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Is ‘Mass Psychosis Formation’ The Cause of Branch Covidianism?

Dr. Robert Malone went viral over the weekend during his interview on the country’s largest podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan who is vocally not a Branch Covidian, released the podcast over the weekend where it has amassed tens of millions of views, inviting a massive coordination of Big Tech censorship.

During the interview, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, explained how so much of the population has been manipulated to carrying out great evil, comparable to the Nazis of the 1920s and 1930s. The cultish mentality he calls a “mass psychosis formation” is his theory.

According to Malone, those under the mass psychosis formation are not persuadable by data and generally have an unwavering trust in their authorities like Anthony Fauci. One solution posited to this problem is to introduce a larger issue to unite against. Essentially, it’s to snuff out a fire with a bigger flame. This solution is characterized by Malone as far less than ideal and vulnerable to repeat the existing problem. Malone instead argues that we need to rediscover our community bond and sense of the value of human dignity.


Dr. Robert Malone does an excellent job at articulating the role of mass psychosis formation in the rise of Branch Covidiansim; however, he seems unwilling to address the spiritual matters at play. Branch Covidianism is the latest trend at filling the god-shaped hole in a lot of people’s hearts.

Consider the fact that suicides dropped in 2020 despite lockdowns. While youth suicide and minority suicides increased by double digits,  this would mean that the drop in suicide nationwide was driven by White adults. The rise of the “COVID Karen” gave a renewed sense of purpose to the middle aged White woman on anti-depressants. These people are not afraid of COVID, and I would argue they never were. They feel important because of it. So when Dr. Malone talks about his solution to convince people to care about social bonds, his proposal is trite as the Branch Covidian is self-righteous about their community service.

There are two actual solutions. The first is to remove these people from political power peaceably or forcibly. The second is to change their hearts with the gospel. The Branch Covidian is serving a false deity and has a false soteriology of works based salvation. We should be preaching the real deal to these people. Instead, the church has largely placated the feigned fears of the Branch Covidian and done nothing to address the religious animosity for which they conduct their idolatrous rituals of masking, social distancing, testing, and vaccinating.

Branch Covidianism is a false religion and we need to rule like it and preach like it.

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