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Announcement: Evangelical Dark Web Founder runs for local office

Today I have filed to run for County Commissioner representing District 4 of Carroll County. I am doing this as a Republican. I believe, with strong conservative governance, we can make Carroll County a bastion of freedom in the deep blue state of Maryland.

What does this look like?

It looks like making Carroll County a free place to conduct business, especially for small businesses.

It looks like holding the government accountable for their abuses of power. For the past two years, the government has been hostile to the commerce of Carroll County with draconian measures. The government does not have the right to impose mandates and lockdowns on its citizenry. While several counties across the country stood up to their governors and refused to violate the Constitution, Carroll County complied. I will not violate my oath to the Constitution. Moreover, I will go on the offensive to create new ordinances to ensure this never happens again.

It looks like preventing the next generation of voters from becoming indoctrinated into Cultural Marxist concepts like Critical Race Theory.

It looks like protecting your streets from being overrun with rioters and criminals by supporting law enforcement.

It looks like safeguarding your dollars from being wasted by inefficiency or projects that undermine your values.

I’m running to carry out this mission, not to make a career climbing the political ladder.

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3 Responses

    1. 1st I want to win. 2nd, I’d rather campaign for 6 months than 11 months. And whatever you think of today’s Republicans, the MDGOP is generally worse, but we have Dan Cox running for governor and Andy Harris in the House. Real conservatives can win within the system.

      1. Whatever I think of today’s Republicans? You don’t want to know. And what’s a real conservative? The tradcons? The evangelicals? No way. You want to lose, that’s your call. Run as a Republican. The state evangelicals are in, don’t count on them. Based traditionalists (mostly male) don’t want either party. If you’re in fact committed to the values espoused on here, then run third party. You might well be surprised there’s more disaffected (especially young men and exvangelicals) out there who just might come out and support you.

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