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Daniel Akin

Daniel Akin, SEBTS go full Branch Covidian

In a bold stand, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is going full throttle enforcing Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate on its staff.  This comes after even Al Mohler decided to finally care about government overreach. In contrast, Daniel Akin of SEBTS is going full Branch Covidian. Their policy statement reads:

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) encourages all employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccination to protect themselves and other employees. However, should an employee choose not to be vaccinated, this policy’s sections on testing and face coverings will apply. This policy complies with OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard on Vaccination and Testing (29 CFR 1910.501).

The policy touts compliance with Biden’s vaccine mandate. It goes on to state:

This COVID-19 Policy on vaccination, testing, and face covering use applies to all SEBTS employees, except for employees who do not report to a workplace where other individuals (such as coworkers or students) are present, employees while working from home, and employees who work exclusively outdoors.

All employees are encouraged to be fully vaccinated. Employees are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after completing primary vaccination with a COVID-19 vaccine with, if applicable, at least the minimum recommended interval between doses. For example, this includes two weeks after a second dose in a two-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, two weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, or two weeks after the second dose of any combination of two doses of different COVID-19 vaccines as part of one primary vaccination series. Employees who are not fully vaccinated will be required to provide proof of weekly COVID-19 testing and wear a face covering at the workplace.

All employees are required to report their vaccination status and, if vaccinated, provide proof of vaccination. Employees must provide truthful and accurate information about their COVID-19 vaccination status, and, if not fully vaccinated, their testing results. Employees not in compliance with this policy will be subject to discipline.

Employees may request an exception from vaccination requirements (if applicable) if the vaccine is medically contraindicated for them or a medical necessity requires a delay in vaccination. Employees also may be legally entitled to a reasonable accommodation if they cannot be vaccinated and/or wear a face covering (as otherwise required by this policy) because of a disability, or if the provisions in this policy for vaccination, and/or testing for COVID-19, and/or wearing a face covering conflict with a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance. Requests for exceptions and reasonable accommodations must be initiated by written request to the Human Resources Department. All such requests will be handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

It may be possible for a religious exemption to be filed against the medical apartheid being implemented by a supposedly Christian institution but it is a dubious prospect. This move may be a way to purge the quiet conservative professors off of the staff at SEBTS as the seminary is the most woke seminary in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Capstone Report reports that students are highly impacted by SEBTS’s vaccine requirement as mission trips and seminary events require papers to participate.

The COVID vaccine is neither safe nor effective, and masks have proven to be as useless as well.

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